Abandonment Abolition brings Bocholt the most exciting polling history

BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERE's might well be the most exciting choice in Bocholt's history. Because in autumn 2020 the city gets a new mayor. Already there are officially four applicants. Other candidates are rifle on foot. For the first time, following a law amendment passed by the CDU and FDP in the state legislature, it will be possible to win a simple majority in the first ballot. 25 percent or just over - as before 50 percent and 1 vote - could then be enough for victory. "That is not enough democratic legitimacy," criticize the Social Democrats and Greens in NRW. They have therefore filed in these days constitutional complaint against the abolition of the runoff election. 2009 had ever raised the SPD a similar judicial review - and was then failed. Therefore, this time she has secured the support of the renowned constitutional lawyer Martin Morlok. This is reported by WDR. Morlok refers to the rapidly changing political landscape. If a mayoral election in former times often a duel between candidates of the major parties CDU and SPD, so now green and free applicants have very good chances. The proponents of the runoff call on an example in Wiesbaden. There were in the first round of voting Gerd -Uwe Mende (SPD) with 27,1 percent, Eberhard Seidensticker (CDU) with 24,5 percent and Christiane Hinninger (The Greens) with 23,4 percent just a few thousand votes apart. Only the runoff election brought with 62 percent a clear vote for Mende. And a mayor also needs this broad support, if he wants to enforce both in the city council and in the administration as a directly elected representative of the citizens primarily their interests and not a party, say the proponents of the ballot. The opponents hold contrary to the fact that a ballot usually held two weeks after the first ballot is not only very costly and expensive, but often also suffers from a lack of participation. Now the judges have the last word. A first oral hearing is expected this fall. Read tomorrow at this point: "The previous applicants - their strengths, their weaknesses" [...]