NRW.Photo competition.BENELUX started

Borken County. NRW-European Minister Dr. med. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner has now launched the contest.BENELUX with the theme "Connecting us - North Rhine-Westphalia and its neighbors Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg". And with good reason, as he says: "The people in our state think and live across borders. We connect almost 500 kilometers border, we share common history, common values ​​and [...]

Cross-border home-day in Burlo

Borken County. A goal of the home associations, historical Kringe and museums is to cultivate and promote the culture, monument and nature protection, Low German language and traditions of their city, its local part. They also develop tourist offers - unique, individually tailored to the respective location. These often do not end at the city / city border, but refer neighbors in [...]

A guest at Made in Bocholt: Government spokesman believes in local digital journalism

NRW government spokesman Christian Wiermer (r.) In conversation with Berthold Blesenkemper. Photo: Luna GrotstabelNRW government spokesman Christian Wiermer firmly believes in the opportunities of local digital journalism. Corresponding platforms are currently being created across the country, he reported today during a visit to Made in Bocholt. With founder Berthold Blesenkemper Wiermer discussed independent political reporting and user comments on Facebook, but also on marketing and Geschäftsmodelle.Blesenkemper explained the guest from Dusseldorf his motivation. "In times when fewer and fewer people read newspapers, social and digital media are gaining in importance," he said. This applies especially to the middle-aged and younger generations. If no one was there to report online or freely accessible about council meetings or social developments, large parts of the citizens of a municipality would be completely cut off from democratic processes, the Made-in-Bocholt-maker further clarified. Nevertheless, many interesting projects fail again and again at the financing. "Journalism is work and devours time," explained Berthold Blesenkemper. For the issue of his newsletter "Der #Tag in Bocholt", which appears every morning at 7, he needs about 60 minutes per issue. More up-to-date is current and detailed reporting from council or committee meetings. In the long run, this will only work if the editorial staff is broader, says 58-year-old Bocholter. This in turn requires a willingness of users to support this financially. Made in Bocholt will therefore introduce a voluntary membership in the coming days (more on this tomorrow). With many impressions and - as a small farewell gift - a Bocholt "Wimmelbuch" NRW government spokesman Christian Wiermer finally returned to Dusseldorf. [...]

Burglars fail

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Wednesday, previously unknown perpetrators tried to penetrate violently into a barbershop on the Westend. The side door withstood the attempted lever and the perpetrators abandoned their plan. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (phone 02871 / 299-0).

Another break in kiosk

Bocholt (ots) - Hitherto unknown offenders penetrated into the night of Wednesday forcibly in a kiosk on Schwartzstraße. The perpetrators opened a provisionally secured window and captured cash and cigarettes. Already in the night to the 20. In July, two 14-year-olds had their sights set on the kiosk. The investigation continues. Notes to [...]

Unknown devastate garden

Bocholt (ots) - A picture of devastation offered a resident of Fennekerstraße after his return from vacation. Unknown had damaged the garden fence in the period from Saturday to Wednesday and destroyed various patio furniture and left in the garden. The result was property damage amounting to about 2.000 Euro. Notes to the police [...]

LUST Food Truck Festival launches Friday

Bocholt. Starting this Friday, the beautiful and special LUST Food Truck Festival will be back in Bocholt. From the 16. - 18. August you can look forward to a gourmet mile of the extra class in the centrally located and beautifully landscaped Langenbergpark. The Dutch organizers Jeroen Schreurs and Roy Heesen, who in cooperation with the city marketing company Bocholt [...]

A "cargo bike" in everyday life test

Cargo bikes are trendy. Especially in big cities. With them, craftsmen without parking problems can drive to the front door of the customer. Schlatt & Söhne has provided such a so-called "Cargo Bike" from the company Sortimo. Berthold Blesenkemper borrowed it and subjected it to a Bocholter everyday test. Conclusion: Alls great - only the bike paths are too narrow for such innovations.https: // [...]

Half marathon up-to-date: City credits local residents

Bocholt (PID). On the 1. September 2019 launches the first Bocholt Half Marathon at 10. "We will close the line at nine o'clock and cancel the blockages in consultation with the police against 14 clock," announces Ullrich Kuhlmann, one of the main organizers of the half marathon. The organizers, the city of Bocholt, the City Sports Association Bocholt (SSV) and [...]

35 firefighters fight fire in Biemenhorster apartment building

The fire brigade Bocholt was alerted this morning at 04.11 clock to a house fire in a multi-family house in Biemenhorst. The resident of the affected apartment was able to leave the apartment on his own, was suspected of being poisoned by the emergency services of the fire brigade and transported to the hospital. The remaining residents were also able to leave the building on their own. Due to the […]

District-wide "Round Table Psychiatry" helps and advises

Circle Borken / Rhede. The topic of "loneliness" plays a role especially in the social withdrawal in depression, psychosis and personality disorders. What it feels like to be mentally ill is often hard to understand for outsiders, relatives, professionals and professional guides. In this case, the circular "Round Table Psychiatry" would like to help: Regularly it invites interested [...]