Social list Bocholt calls: Public Inspection of Ewibo

The voters community Social List Bocholt demands that the development and operating company of the city Bocholt mbH (Ewibo) in the future, the public control by the Council of the City of Bocholt subject. It should also be examined what possibilities exist that the collective agreement TVöD can be applied to the employees of Ewibo by collective bargaining. And whether the employees and orders of the Ewibo and the other facilities can be transferred to the city of Bocholt (remunicipalization). A request for citizenship has been submitted to the mayor's office since Friday this week - for the purpose of drawing up a legal opinion on these topics. Ewibo's supervisory board, chaired by mayor Peter Nebelo, can not replace the lack of public scrutiny, emphasizes Rainer Sauer (chairman of the voter community) on this: "The Ewibo is developing more and more into an empire. Tasks that would actually have to take over the city of Bocholt are increasingly transferred to the Ewibo. In addition to the housing industry, the Ewibo operates, inter alia, the underground car park, school menus, refugee housing, the Europa House Bocholt and now also the bike station at the station. The Ewibo is also responsible for the residential space development and for the neighborhood development. There are also countless other facilities. The managing director of Ewibo is also managing director of these facilities. Without the Ewibo and without the city of Bocholt, these facilities could not exist. Hardly in another city there are such urban structures and task transfers. On the other hand, Ewibo uses the city's services to fulfill its own tasks. Even worse, the tasks of Ewibo are not subject to public scrutiny by the city council of Bocholt. The Ewibo can thus "switch and act" as she wants. The Ewibo Supervisory Board can not replace this public scrutiny. In addition, Ewibo has no collective bargaining agreement and no works council. Everything is based on individual employment contracts with less legal certainty and worse conditions than a collective agreement. On the other hand, the employees of the city of Bocholt have collective bargaining coverage (Collective Agreement TVöD) - as well as a company representation of interests. It can not be that the Ewibo - which does public procurement - is neither subject to public scrutiny nor provides legal certainty to its employees in relation to collective bargaining. The city of Bocholt must finally meet its social responsibility to the employees of the Ewibo and practice. "[...]

Burglary in stable building

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Saturday, unknown culprits broke into the hay storage room in a horse stable on Winterswijker Straße and stole a pasture fence. In addition, the perpetrators had damaged a trailer tire and opened a birdcage by five budgerigars were. The parakeets escaped. The police are looking for witnesses. Notes to [...]

"Prohibition of contamination" also applies in the parks at Kreishaus Borken

Borken. Complaints have recently accumulated that the parks between the county house and the Horaper Weg, including the woodland, are being polluted. In particular, cigarette butts are found again and again, which are obviously disposed of by passers-by there "with a finger snap". Apart from the fact that this behavior in view of the despite the rains still bone-dry trees at present dangerous to fire [...]