After Tornado: Preparations for new winter linden run

Bocholt (PID). Due to the tornado in June 2019, ten winter limes were damaged so badly at the windmill site that the trees had to be felled. The root stumps of these linden trees were removed a few days ago. Now the sites are being prepared to plant the new trees in autumn / winter. Environment Commissioner Daniel Zöhler is pleased that soon the [...]

Salary discussion: Social list Bocholt considers 47 percent salary plus for Stadtwerke manager for monstrous and unrealistic

Salary discussion: Social list Bocholt considers 47 percent salary plus for Stadtwerke managing director for outrageous and unrealistic Today was to read in the BBV that the Stadtwerke managing director Jürgen Elmer probably should receive a rich salary plus of 100.000 euro (47 per cent), provided the Supervisory Board agrees. At present, he receives an annual salary of 218.784 Euro (204.425 Euro fixed compensation plus 14.359 Euro [...]

On the road with a prohibited e-scooter

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday, the police checked 10.50 watch an 22-year-old Bocholter, who was traveling on the Dingdener road with an e-scooter. The e-scooter does not fall under the "small electrical vehicle regulations" because of its operating speed of more than 20 km / h. In principle, he is not admitted to public road traffic and the 22 year-old has, in addition to the traffic [...]

Bocholter takes over management of the Criminal Commissariat in Borken

Since Monday, the 19.08.2019, Jürgen Kolks is the new head of the Borkener Kriminalkommissariats. The 55-year-old Kriminalhauptkommissar joined 1985 in the police service of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, has been a member of the county police Borken since 21 years and since then in the investigative service. Jürgen Kolks has a wealth of experience from various activities in the criminal service. He was a clerk in specialist commissariats, a member of several investigative and homicide commissions and also a victim protection officer. In the last five years he has been in charge of a deputy head of a Criminal Commissariat, as Head of the Crime Prevention / Victims Protection Commissariat and most recently as a Criminal Police Service Group Leader. "Jürgen Kolks' special and managerial experience qualifies him as head of the Borken Criminal Commission "Criminal Director Carsten Berg, Head of the Directorate Crime," I wish him much success and joy for the new task. "Jürgen Kolks lives with his family Bocholt. The Borken Criminal Commission is one of four regional commissariats in the district Borken. The other locations are in Ahaus, Bocholt and Gronau. The regional commissariats are primarily responsible for the fight against crime in their local area of ​​responsibility. For the Borken Commissariat these are the towns and communities, Borken, Heiden, Raesfeld, Reken, Südlohn and Velen. [...]

Scooter driver without a license

Bocholt (ots) - Police officers checked an 23.30 year scooter driver on 15 on Industriestraße on Monday evening, as the scooter had an 2016 insurance badge attached to it. During the check, the officials also found out that the young person does not have the required driving license. The officials prohibited the onward journey and initiated criminal proceedings [...]

Greens: City should provide area for ecological model project

Due to exceeding of the nitrate content in the groundwater, Germany is threatened with fines of daily 850 000 Euro. According to the Greens, the municipal waterworks in Bocholt also had to mix the drinking water because the nitrate content was exceeded and posed a health risk for the population. Therefore, the Greens would like to have the following question at the next city council meeting: Where could the [...]

Life Support Team ASKÖ Dart Masters in Austria

The dart team of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg was founded by the organizers of the ASKÖ Dart Masters of the 02. - 04. August 2019 invited to Freistadt in Austria. The host had Bocholter player Marek Knaack at the German Championship in the Dart 2018 discovered and him and other players of the team to his tournament in Austria as Teilnehmergebeten.Mehrere sponsors from Bocholt and Austria have supported the project and made the journey possible: Mario Maier, the organizer The event and host of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt Dartmannschaft held various discussions with companies from Freistadt and, among others, the mayor of Freistadt. In Bocholt, Alexandra Knipping has mobilized several sponsors from the area. With the sponsored sum all costs could be covered: Overnight stay in a pension, fuel costs, catering on the spot and all start fees at the tournament. Everything the crew had to do was travel to Austria and play. The team included the four dart players Claudia Borkes, Stefanie Rappers, Marec Knaack and David Höckel. In addition, the two supervisors Stefanie Geßmann and Jürgen Knaackmit traveled. Dirk Gessmann accompanied the trip as trainer and representative of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg eVFreedom evenings the first tournament took place. Marec Knaack and David Höckel played in the open501 Master Out and proved themselves very well among the pros. On Saturday, all four team members played in single C status, 501 Open Out. The best placed was Claudia Borkes with 17 48 starters. For the team of Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg the trip was an absolutely successful highlight, despite the 1.000km arrival. The team was sincerely received from the beginning and treated with respect. The topic of inclusion is also very well received by the Austrian Dart colleagues. The Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg eV once again thanks MarioMaier and Alexandra Knipping for making the journey financially possible. [...]

Concert of the QUEEN KINGS sold out

After the great successes of recent years, there will be another open air highlight in Bocholt in September: QUEEN KINGS will be playing on Saturday, 7. September at the island bath BAHIA. Inlet is at 18.00 pm, beginning at 19.00 pm with the opening act Quiet Fox Noise. However, the concert is already sold out, part of the city marketing.

Two dead after tragic family drama in Ahaus

Rescue workers found two bodies in an apartment block apartment building in Ahaus on Sunday morning (18.8., 10: 47). Immediate police investigations revealed that this was an 61-year-old woman and her 64-year-old partner living together in the apartment. "According to initial findings, the 64-year-old man first has his partner with [...]