Number of unemployed in SGB II in Borken county has fallen

Borken County. The number of SGB II unemployed in Borken county dropped comparatively strongly in September. This shares district director Dr. Ansgar listener with. For the month of September 2019, the "Jobcenter in Borken county" has a total of 4.274 employable persons who are registered as unemployed. Compared to August, the number of SGB II unemployed is around [...]

Artist, inventor, genius: traveling exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci

Ulf / Bocholt (PID). In the months of October and November 2019 is in the Dutch neighboring community Ulft a touring exhibition on the deceased 500 years ago universal genius Leonardo da Vinci to see. The city of Bocholt is a partner of the cross-border project "Leonardo da Vinci Innovation", the exhibition is part of this overall project. Local citizens will have the opportunity to [...]

Thieves steal Citroen Jumper

Bocholt (ots) - stolen a company car unknown in the night of Sunday in Bocholt. The white-painted Citroen Jumper with "BOH" badge had been standing on the street "Am Hilteken", where it came to the theft between Saturday, 21.30 clock, and Sunday, 08.45 clock. The police asks for information to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02871) [...]

Once again a pedelec stolen in the city

Bocholt (ots) - A bad surprise awaited the owner of a pedelec in Bocholt on Saturday - strangers had stolen it. The black painted two-wheeler of the type Batavus, worth about 2.500 Euro, had been locked under a bicycle roof at Liebfrauenplatz from 10.00 clock. Against 11.00 clock the owner discovered the theft. The police […]

Scooter stolen

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown stole a scooter in the night to Sunday in Bocholt. The black-painted Yamaha SEC7 vehicle had been locked in front of a house on Breslauer Strasse between 01.40 clock and 02.00 clock. The police asks for clues to the Kriminalkommissariat in Bocholt under Tel. (02817) 2990.

Purse stolen from car

Bocholt (ots) - A wallet including money and papers stolen unknown persons from a vehicle at the weekend in Bocholt. The wallet had been in a car standing on Richthofenstrasse. Between Saturday, 23.30 clock, and Sunday, 15.00 clock, the perpetrators hit a slice to get to their prey. The police asks for information to the Criminal Commissariat in Bocholt under phone (02871) 2990 and appeals to leave no valuables in the car. A car is not a safe! [...]

See "Sexy Moments" in the Caritas Center

The exhibition gives an insight into volunteering - 30.09.-11.10.2019In order to get in the mood for the Caritas Discoverer Tour, the Caritas Association will be showing the touring exhibition "Sexy Moments", organized by the network "Voluntarily Engaged in the Borken District". The exhibition shows the multifaceted nature of volunteering in the district of Borken and, of course, in the Caritas Association. What are these people who volunteer? And what do they do when they get involved? The honorary work is more than most people imagine makes the exhibition vividly clear. The 2012 exhibition had already made its appearance in Bocholt. On the occasion of the Caritas EntdeckerTour on the 10.10.2019, the association brings them again to Bocholt, this time to the CaritasCentrum. The exhibition can be seen during the opening hours of the CaritasCentrum on Mondays-Fridays from 8-17 at the Northwall 44-46. More information about the CaritasEntdeckerTour is available at www / explorer tour <>. [...]

After 21 years "Bokeltsen Treff" first rainy

After 21 (!) Years, the sales-open Sunday "Bokeltsen Treff" was unfortunately rainy for the first time again. "Sometimes a shiver, sometimes cool, but actually we have always seen beautiful Sunday sales in September in the past few years - not this time," explains Ludger Dieckhues from Bocholt city marketing. "1998 has rained so hard for the last time - so far [...]

Euregio Bouldercup 2019

Cool routes, great atmosphere and a wide field of participants of over 100 Boulderen made the Saturday held 2. Euregio Bouldercup to a top event. After the athletes were able to qualify in four hours on the 30 Boulder routes started from 20 clock the exciting final in which the best six women and men fought for a spot on the podium. Again this year with a strong performance of our section members. For the women, Kira Homeyer secured the 2. Place, in the men's Adrian Wullweber also reached the 2. Space. In the youth, Linnea Vriesen and Jule Peltzer were two members of our competition group Bouldering on the 1. and 2. Space. Other strong placings: Vera Osabutey reached the women's 5. Platz and Viktor Fast and Tobias Iding shared place 5 with the Herren.Hüpfburg and climbing tree, coffee, cake and sausage grilled formed the supporting program for visitors and athletes. Many thanks to all the helpers of the section, to the team of the weight room and the Team of problemkind route mechanics for this great event. Some impressions of the event can be found at: [...]

Several cars damaged

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Saturday damaged unknown offenders at midnight several cars (previously known nine cases) in the area of ​​Schwartzstraße and the Viktoriastraße. The perpetrators are said to be two male adolescents. The total damage amounts to over 1.000 Euro. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (phone 02871 [...]

Intercultural weeks in October

The intercultural weeks in Bocholt will be continued in October. Among other things, "world music" will be heard, and there will be a lecture on the integration of Muslims in Germany. On Wednesday, 2. October, from 20 clock, there is an international reading evening in the Skylounge at the top of the textile factory on Industriestraße 5. There is the Hungarian-German translator and writer Akos Doma guest. Born in Budapest, 1963 grew up in Hungary, Italy and England. With 14 years he came to Germany, graduated from high school here, studied and obtained his doctorate. He lives in Bavaria and has been awarded scholarships and prizes. At present, he is working on his fourth novel.Akos Doma will read in Bocholt from his translations of the diaries of Sándor Márai and the works of László Földényi. And he will tell how it is when he translates literature from his mother tongue into the language of his adopted home. The organizer is the Integration Council of the City of Bocholt in cooperation with the Weltlesebühne. Admission is 5 Euro, for students 2,50 Euro.From Albania comes the music, on Monday, 7. October, can be heard from 20 clock in the cultural center Alte Molkerei on the Wertherstraße 16. The ensemble Sazet e Permetit makes music to a special vocal style, the so-called isopolyphonic singing. Admission is 8 Euro. "German & Muslim - integrated instead of assimilated" is the title of an event on Wednesday, 9. October at 19.30 watch in the family meeting place (Fabi) at the East Wall 39. How should Muslims get involved in society in order to be integrated? What content does Islam teach for a successful integration? The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization will address these questions in a lecture. Afterwards there is the possibility for a discussion. Admission is free. What is the meaning of religion for the human soul and for society? This question is addressed by the sociologist and author. Torsten Reters in a talk on Thursday, 10. October, at 19.30 clock in the media center on the Hindenburgstraße 5 (station building). On the one hand, faith can contribute to a successful life and increased charity, but on the other, religion can also limit liberties, lead to unreasonable decisions, fundamentalism and violence. The entrance fee for the adult education center (VHS) is 6 Euro (students and trainees 5 Euro). [...]

Almost 1.500 Euro collected for the campaign "Help Lisa" during the half marathon

On Wednesday evening, the organizers, the City Sports Association Bocholt (SSV), the city Bocholt and City Marketing Bocholt, the representatives of the organizations and clubs invited for debriefing. Markus Schürbüscher, Chairman of the SSV, emphasized right at the beginning: "We have done something good". From 1.800 registrations could be counted in the end almost 1.300 finisher. "Hats off, the [...]