Teatime in Bocholt - and Shelia Fischer is reading

Small stories she wrote as a child, rememberedShelia Fischer, which gave a reading on Sunday in the Gallery June Art.Vorgestellt were two of her books. ?? The other art dealer ?? is a Crimi, which is about dubious art trade. The art dealer does not follow legal paths when it comes to procurement and organizes expensive exhibits for his demanding art lover, such as Chinese vases from the 16. Century. Here he pulls himself to some wounds. The dealings with clients and sellers are characterized by excitement, adventure and persecution by the police. Of course the "love" comes as well? not too short and you can imagine, everything is very complicated. Review: Crime can also be romantic. At the wedding on the Hamptons ?? outweighs the romance. A light and entertaining reading into the world of ?? the rich and the beautiful ?? invites and conceals a tragic story that probably still finds its enlightenment. Shelia Fischer, whose real name is Silke Fischer lives her passion for writing and was very pleased to be able to experience a teatime in the gallery of June Erkelenz. Each at the 1. There is an event site there every Sunday. [...]