Thomas Lötscher as Veri on stage Pepperoni

Veri, aka Thomas Lötscher, arrives on Saturday, the 21. September with his program "Typisch Verien!" On the Bocholt stage Pepperoni. The guest performance is the prelude to the new season. Veri is actually a loser, but with cunning and wit on stage to the winner. He is a professional janitor, "the girl for [...]

Cross-border home-day in Burlo

Borken County. This year, the Cross-Border Home Day revolves around "Strategies for successful tourism offers". On Saturday, 14. September, are therefore tourist offers - unique, individually tailored to the particular place that have developed the home associations, historical Kringe and museums in the center. These often do not end at the city / city border, but involve neighbors in the [...]

CDU invites you to a conversation in the Feldmark district

What concerns us? What annoys us? What are we looking forward to? These and other questions would like to discuss the Bocholt CDU Local Union West in an open discussion with the local club representatives and citizens of the district Feldmark. The discussion evening will take place on Thursday, the 12. September, at 19 clock in the premises of Lebenshilfe Bocholt, Werther street 173, instead. "Hardly anywhere else is community practiced as in our clubs and associations. Therefore, we consider it particularly important to listen to the representatives and to support them as much as possible in their work. The club representatives know from the members often, where in their district of the shoe presses and what should be improved, "said Martin Ebbing, chairman of the Ortsverbandes.Der CDU Local Union West therefore invites all representatives of the active in the district Feldmark clubs to the joint discussion on. Interested citizens are also welcome. Registration is not required. [...]

CDU invites you to a joint conversation

What concerns us? What annoys us? What are we looking forward to? These and other questions would like to discuss the Bocholt CDU Local Union West in an open discussion with the local club representatives and citizens of the district Feldmark. The discussion evening will take place on Thursday, the 12. September, at 19 clock in the premises of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt, Werther street 173, instead. Barely [...]

Cyclist collides with electric scooter

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered the driver of an electric scooter on Tuesday in an accident in Bocholt-Biemenhorst. The 43-year-old Hamminkelnerin was traveling against 16.10 on the Birkenallee when a cyclist wanted to cross the road. The 51-year-old Bocholter overlooked the scooter driver and collided with her. The resulting property damage is approximately at 300 [...]

Three cases of pedelec theft in the city

Bocholt (ots) - Wednesday morning, several pedelecs were stolen in the city center. So far, three cases have been reported: 1 + 2: 10.30 watch to 11.15 watch, Berliner Platz, two Gazelle women's pedelecs (each 3.500 Euro) 3: 10.00 watch to 11.00 watch, market, Batavus, men's pedelec, Garda, E-Go (about 2.900 Euro) The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the detective in [...]

11-year-old slightly injured in accident.

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries a student has suffered on Tuesday in an accident in Bocholt. The eleven-year-old girl rode his bicycle against 12.50 Rheder road in the direction Münsterstrasse. In the intersection Victoriastraße the student obviously overlooked the car of an 41-year old: The Rhederin had come from the right in the intersection and had [...]

Pedelec driver slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec driver has suffered minor injuries on Tuesday in a traffic accident in Bocholt. The accident happened against 15.15 clock on the Pannemannstraße. Turning right off the Brinkstegge, an 44-year-old female driver from Borken missed a pedelec driver from the right, who was traveling on the one-sided cycle path in the direction of Zeisigweg. It came […]

Self Help Group "Herzpflaster" donates 1000 Euro to the Department of Paediatrics

Thanks to a generous donation from 1.000 Euro by the self-help group "Herzpflaster", the clinic for pediatric and adolescent medicine at the St. Agnes-Hospital Bocholt could now be pleased. Chairman Bianka Arndts handed over the symbolic check to Chief Physician Winter and the new senior physician Kathrin Wissing. A purpose for the donation has already been found. The money goes into the purchase of a modern ultrasound head, which is used in the so-called echocardiography (ultrasound imaging of the heart) in the children's hospital. "With the new device, we are able to present the fine structures of the child's heart very precisely in our little patients," says a pleased Dr.. Klaus Winter. "This helps us to recognize, for example, malformations or dysfunctions and then treat successfully." Congenital heart defects are among the most common congenital anomalies in humans. From 1.000 newborns, about 7 to 8 children are affected by a congenital anomaly of the heart. As the congenital disorders differ considerably from the acquired diseases of the heart in adulthood, the specialized treatment of childhood heart disease requires special knowledge and treatment experience. "We are therefore particularly pleased that we are not only technically up-to-date in the field of pediatric cardiology, but also have been given additional personnel." For several weeks, pediatric cardiologist Kathrin Wissing has been strengthening the team of the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine as a further senior physician. The 36-year-old comes from Rees-Haldern and most recently worked at the Kinderherzzentrum Duisburg. Together with chief physician Dr. med. In the winter, two pediatric cardiologists will be available at the Bocholter Hospital. "The fact that we have another pediatric cardiologist in the team with Ms. Wissing is a real stroke of luck for the region and our little patients," continued Winter. "Specialists with this special education are extremely rare and thus particularly in the clinical supply particularly desired." Photo: Bianka Arndts (center), chairwoman of the self-help group "heart plasters" presented the symbolic check for the new ultrasound head to chief physician Kathrin Wissing (right) and chief physician Dr , Winter (left). [...]

Gildhuis sets with "" on digital bakery branch

- Sponsored post - Sunday morning in Bocholt. Long queues at the gas station. The customers buy only a little gasoline, but a lot of bread. Others bake home-made doughs from the supermarket or their hard-won buns from the day before yesterday. "This has always annoyed me as a baker," says Christian Gildhuis. You just have to be able to deliver breakfast to your own home like pizzas or sushi, he thought. In the meantime, the young Bocholter app developer Mathis Schülingkamp came up with a similar idea. That's why it sparked as soon as the two came together by chance and started talking. The result after five months of common teashing and programming: "", a delivery service for baked goods, cold meats, drinks, the Bild newspaper and much more. The service itself is nothing new for Christian Gildhuis. With the help of his own online shop and a Bocholter taxi company, he has been bringing so-called "meeting plates" with sandwiches to his home or office for years. This was especially popular with business customers. The success made Gildhuis courage to address end customers directly as well. "We as craftsmen have to think digitally like other companies do," he said, teaming up with Mathis Schülingkamp. He suggested the development of an app that can do much more than a website. "With the app you can pay mobile, retrieve the progress of the order, schedule orders, maintain a discount system and, and, and ...", explains the young developer. Also for the bakery there are advantages. Drivers can call up new orders anytime while on the move. In addition, they run directly in the store. Not to be underestimated according to Christian Gildhuis also the marketing effect. "You are on the phone, so to speak, the customer in a trouser or handbag," explains the boss. This allows the company to inform customers about their arrival five minutes before the arrival of the driver via a so-called push message, but in the same way also to announce special offers or promotions. Reason enough for the baker to invest a lot of time and also some money , Financial support came from a federal funding program. The rest was a mixture of ideas, programming and days of testing. Meanwhile, "" works fine. In the long term Gildhuis and Schülingkamp want to offer the app to other bakers. "The technology is up. This will allow you to roll out the system to other cities, "they said. And the need seems to be great. Within a few days the app has already been downloaded 800mal. "We have already made 1500 Euro turnover in the first month alone," reveals Christian Gildhuis. One reason for only hiring more staff for the new digital branch. The service is mostly on Sundays. There is still a break on Monday and Tuesday. "In this time we continue to develop," says Mathis SchülingkampMore about and the app download here. [...]