Sport badge decrease in the DJK songs

The DJK Lieder will be offering 2 dates this weekend to drop the sports badge. On Saturday, the 07.09.19 takes place the acceptance between 14: 30 - 16: 30 clock or on Sunday, the 08.09.2019 between 10: 30 - 12: 30 clock, respectively at the clubhouse of the DJK (Am Hagelkreuz 1). There are more dates in October and November. The exact dates can be the [...]

16 volunteer school bus attendants start duty

Bocholt (PID). 16 teens now started their volunteer service as a school bus attendant. They help students with words and deeds on the way. And when conflicts arise, they have a calming effect on the brawlers and settle, so that the school traffic can proceed in an orderly manner. As a contact, they are also available to all other passengers and [...]

First Responder app is to save lives

In April 2016, the FDP Bocholt has requested the introduction of a first-aid app. It is expected that in March / April 2020 this app in Bocholt now go to the start. FDP Group Chairman Burkhard Henneken "We are glad and grateful that now the technical requirements are created in the district headquarters and soon our application is implemented. Every second counts for [...]

Equality: marketing in your own right - seminar for women

Bocholt (PID). Women who want to reorientate their career and want a career alternative can now take part in a compact seminar. The topic of the three-day seminar is "marketing in own thing", it starts on Monday, 23. September 2019 to 9 watch in Europa House Bocholt, Adenauerallee 59. The event is free of charge, registrations Petra Dunkerbeck-Koch takes over Tel. [...]

25-year old car driver from Poland fled after collision

Bocholt (ots) - An 25-year-old car driver from Poland has fled from the scene of the accident on Thursday in Bocholt. The police located the man in a nearby parking lot. There was a suspicion that the cause of the accident was under the influence of intoxicating means. The man had previously driven the Ludgerusstraße and turned left on the Kurfürstenstraße, without granting the coming from the left car driver from Bocholt right of way. It came to a collision. 30-year-old Bocholter injured herself slightly. A doctor took a blood sample from the driver to prove the drug use exactly. The officers initiated criminal proceedings. The damage is about 3.400 Euro. [...]

Nature and Bird Sanctuary issues photo calendar 2020

Borken County. In the presence of District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and Borken Mayoress Mechthild Schulze Hessing and district farmer Heinrich Emming has now presented the Nature and Bird Protection Association Borken county in the Borkener Kreishaus his photo calendar 2020. "Preserving biodiversity" is the title of this large-format calendar with interesting color photos. The motifs change every month: from the hare in January to the Diestelfink in December, selected native species are presented. She photographed club member Hans-Wilhelm Grömping, who also contributed the lyrics. Chairman Jochen Teroerde then took care of the technical realization. Both made it clear at the meeting that the habitats still present in the Westmünsterland would have to be better combined and, if necessary, repopulated. This is the only way to succeed in promoting biodiversity, ie domestic animal and plant species. There are already numerous initiatives from voluntary nature conservation and public authorities, but also from agriculture and hunters, as well as from homeland associations to preserve the natural spaces to protect and improve: orchards were created new, ponds and ponds were created, wildflowers were allowed along roadsides and occasionally even in whole fields grow again, hedges and trees were planted. All this gives hope, after all, otherwise threaten the loss of many species. For example, according to Jochen Teroerde, about half of the 248 breeding bird species in Germany are on the Red List. Even the local amphibians, reptiles, insects and wild plants are not doing better. The two representatives of the nature and bird protection association circle Borken called therefore to make strong for the protection of species as a human heritage. Landrat dr. Zwicker and Mayor Schulze Hessing expressly welcomed this initiative. The photo calendar contains a versatile depiction of native animals. At the same time it is an urgent call for the preservation of biodiversity in Westmünsterland. It is in the interest of all to preserve the "treasures of nature" for future generations. The aim of the district and municipalities, in particular with the now almost comprehensive landscape planning, was to create a biotope network in order to secure and expand the habitats for animals and plants. This is therefore also a future task for the entire municipal family, it said. The calendar for the year 2020 "preserve biodiversity" costs 8 Euro. He is available in Borken at the bookstore Eggers-Michelbrinks (Johanniterstr. 26), at Gartencenter Wansing (Dülmener Weg 12), at Haddick & Sohn GmbH (Bocholter Str. 111), the district office of the Chamber of Agriculture NRW (Johann-Walling-Str. 45), the Touristinfo (Neutor 5) and in the ticket center of the Borkener Zeitung (Bahnhofstrasse 6). In addition, there is the calendar in cult Westmünsterland in Vreden (church square 14), in the municipality Heiden (Rathausplatz 1), in the nature park house Raesfeld (Hagenwiese 40) and in the tourist information Velen (Ramsdorfer Str. 19). He will also be at the after-work market in Borken on the 10. October and at the "HeiDinner" in Heiden on the 25. Sold in October. The photos show animal species that can particularly benefit from habitat networking, for example through hedges, bushes, trees, blooms or fallow land. [...]

Hanke takes over management of the Rotkreuz youth organization

Ole Jörn Hanke of the DRK Ortsverein Borken is the new district leader of the Red Cross Youth in the district of Borken, the junior organization of the Red Cross. Hanke was chosen by the youth members at the district conference in the conference center in Wildpark Frankenhof. 471 children and adolescents belong in the respective local associations to the youth red cross in the circle Borken, as the DRK press service reported. Germany-wide [...]

YOUNG UNI in Bocholt: "We are storming the town hall!"

Bocholt (PID). The JUNGE UNI in Bocholt starts on Thursday, 12. September 2019, 15: 30-17: 00 watch spectacular in the new winter semester. "Together with all interested German and Dutch children and adolescents aged from 6 to 18 years," we storm the city hall, "announces Isabel Testroet, director of the children's university. The participants will be received by Thomas [...]

Cigarettes stolen from kiosk

Bocholt (ots) - Burglars had thrown in the night to Thursday against 00.50 clock the front door to a kiosk on the Hindenburgstraße in Bocholt. After the burglar alarm went off, the security service discovered the open door. The perpetrators had already fled. The Diebesbeute are exclusively cigarettes. The criminal police secured the tracks. Notes to [...]

Rest places free: Day trip to the Nixdorf-Museum Paderborn

Bocholt. The Lebenshilfe Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg and the association "Leben im Alter" (LiA) offer on Saturday, 21. September 2019, a day trip to the Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn. It is the largest computer museum in the world. Start is at 8 clock at Werther Street 173 (Life Support Center), return to 18 clock. The price per person is 32,50 Euro. Registrations at LiA [...]

100 years Volkshochschule Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). "100 years VHS in Bocholt", on this topic invites the community college (VHS) in cooperation with the city archive on Thursday, 12. September 2019, to the next discussion circle Bocholter city history. The event starts at 19: 30 clock in the media center (Hindenburgstraße 5). Participation is free. In the year 1919 there was for the first time a community college in Bocholt. On the occasion [...]

Jens Wüpping reads from "The 5 Pillars of Life"

Jens Wüpping reads in the Mayerschen bookstore from his new book "The 5 Pillars of Life". The book: There seem to be people who, through the application of knowledge, trust and time, create things that are generally considered impossible. Huai Chi, the monk on the cover, has over a period of 20 years, several times [...]

21 additional cargo bikes for Bocholt

Bocholt (PID). Bocholt promotes environmentally friendly cycling: 21 has recently introduced new electrically powered cargo bikes in the city. The owners got a cash injection of the city in the acquisition of these special bikes via a grant program. The People's Bank Bocholt found the idea worth supporting and increased this sum again. Some proud owners presented now [...]

Pastor Udo Diepenbrock died

On Monday, the 2. September 2019, pastor died em. Udo Diepenbrock. For ten years he worked as a pastor in Bocholt and Isselburg. The deceased was on 21. July 1943 born in Nordwalde. He was ordained a priest at the 6. June 1976 in Münster. At your own request by Pfr. Em. Udo Diepenbrock finds the urn burial [...]