In Westphalian Congo, the nerves are bare

A commentary by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER For years, the Kungelei network in Bocholt worked great. And so much so that the largest city in the Westmünsterland - as previously reported - was ridiculed by the neighbors with the term "Westphalian Congo". Meanwhile, however, the nerves on the Aa are bare. At the latest with the apparently not agreed price increase of Ewibo for school lunches, the barrel overflowed. The FDP has burst the collar. The expensive subsidies in the direction of Ewibo should come to an end. "It is the mockery of socks, how frivolous the city spends the money of the citizens," said Group leader Burkhard Henneken in a press release. And Kevin Eising, chairman of the JuLis, adds: "A slap in the face for those who want to do business rationally and economically. The octopus must finally cease to grow and the watching of politics have an end. "This refers in particular to the existing mainly consisting of council members Ewibo Supervisory Board, which in the public often resembles a fan club rather than a critical control committee of the urban daughter. Even in the CDU, it is obviously becoming too much for some. While the group continues to make peace, joy, and pancakes, Ortsparteichef Lukas Kwiatkowski let in May this year in a BBV interview ever see through: "It's time to make rational decisions again, which are not dependent on whose brother in law I I am just, whether I know anyone from a club or in a relationship of dependency ". Very pithy words for someone who, as an employee of the Ewibo, is a professional part of the system. And this system worked well as long as the Ewibo worked. But that seems to be over. The urban daughter is weakening. While other housing companies are showing how to build blocks of 18 housing units within less than 14 months, the Ewibo is mostly concerned with big-house announcements in social housing. The management of the underground car park is anything but a model for success. Added to this are the completely overpriced school dinners. And finally, managing director Berthold Klein-Schmeink had to admit that he closed the past financial year with 300.000 Euro loss. The reason is more embarrassing than this absolutely to be endured fact. Missing refugees should be the fault of the minus. By contrast, Klein-Schmeink admits that housing and providing asylum seekers with the Ewibo is more than lucrative business. In general, the head of the urban daughter seems to lose more and more of his sovereignty. In conversation with the BBV slipped out in the fact that the made by Bocholt months ago already critically scrutinized temporary work company PSA GmbH, whose CEO Klein-Schmeink is also outsourced solely from the Ewibo, so as not to jeopardize their charitable status , The PSA GmbH, which operates privately, makes competition Bocholt company and thus - completely uncontrolled by the policy - up to half a million euro profit annually, was instead taken over by the social clubs LIA and Jusina. These in turn are - also completely uncontrolled by politics - led by Ewibo employees and their wives under the direction of Berthold Klein-Schmeink. The question arises, what is their charitable status? Meanwhile, most of the council is demonstratively grouped further behind or before the Ewibo. However, the parties have no choice. You have to play - though not as the cause, then as the proponent of the system - on time. Because in the municipal election year 2020 the Kungelei bubble finally burst, the electoral hopes of many a party could face the same fate. [...]

Despite capping by the Council: Ewibo raises prices for school lunches to 2020 by 45 cent

By Berthold BlesenkemperThe Ewibo has raised the prices for around 50.000 school meals, which it cooks annually for the refectories at Benölkenplatz and in the comprehensive school, by 25 cent to 4,20 Euro. She wants to ask for 20 cents more next year. This was announced by managing director Berthold Klein-Schmeink to the BBV. He justified this decision with general cost increases. In politics, this causes some strong reactions. Sebastian Brinkmann, a member of the Free Democrats in the Council, calls for a clear rethink: "If the EWIBO does not manage to keep its prices despite additional funding, the offer must be re-tendered." Once the Ewibo had the anger in school meals contracted by some town councilors. She had cashed 3,95 per food for four years, even though the council had set the price at 3,90 Euro. Up to 10.000 Euro, the parents had paid too much in this way. The recent price increases do not appear to have been agreed, but are covered by Berthold Klein-Schmeink, however, by the framework agreement with the city. At least that's what the Ewibo CEO told the BBV. Meanwhile, criticism is multiplying. Because the Ewibo not only demands 4,25 Euro per meal from the parents, but also collects from the city up to 5,69 Euro subsidy. This would cost the Mensaessen for further price increases in the coming year partly over 10 Euro. By comparison, in the nationwide average, the comparison costs are at 5,48 Euro, as the DGE study on cost and price structures in school catering (KuPS) shows. The ABH GmbH as a private caterer in Bocholt, which among other things, the Rathausrestaurant and the Israhel-van -Meckenem-Realschule delivers, including the grant total of up to 6,54 Euro. Also she fights according to own data with cost increases. At price increases, however, is currently not thought, the ABH management told Made in Bocholt.Read also a comment by Berthold Blesenkemper [...]

Success factors of the skilled worker assurance: "What magically attracts today!"

Bocholt (PID). How small and medium-sized companies in particular can attract attention to themselves, how they generate more "visibility", which measures magically attract skilled workers - this is what 13 will be talking about on Friday. September, the management consultant Stefan Geukes in the IpaBoH forum for health and employment promotion in the industrial park Bocholt (Fisserhook 11). Participation is free, registrations under Tel. 02871 21765-272 [...]

Accident flight in Biemenhorst

Bocholt (ots) - Between Monday, 19.00 o'clock, and Wednesday, 16.00 o'clock, a white Jeep jeep was hit and damaged on Ernst-Reuter-Straße. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 2.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commission in Bocholt (02871) 2990 [...]

Motorists under the influence of drugs

Bocholt (ots) - Police officers controlled an 23.00-year-old driver on Thursday at 18 on Industriestraße in Bocholt. A drug test carried out by him was positive for the cannabis drug THC, so that the officials initiated a fines procedure and prohibited the onward journey. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly.

Stammtisch for adoptive and foster parents meets

Bocholt (PID). The regulars' table for carers and adoptive parents meets again. The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, 11. September 2019, instead. The beginning is at 20 clock in the Europa House on the Adenauerallee 59. The event is thematically open. Parents can also check out the adoptive and foster parenting seminar in Gerleve from 17. to 17. October [...]

Accident escape on Urbanstraße

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday, between 08.30 and 13.00 clock a parked on Urban Road black VW Golf on the passenger side damaged. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 1.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are requested to contact the Transport Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) [...]

Lots of action in the Langenbergpark

Bocholt (PID). Tomorrow, Saturday, 7. September, Langenbergpark is full of action and fun. Then the action day "Sport & Kutur" takes place from 14-18 pm for the second time. Many hands-on stations and a stage program provide Kurzweil. There's a lot to discover. "Whether sporting activities or creative offers from the Kulturrucksack NRW project [...]

What I particularly like here: horses

In the orientation course we talked about the state in which Bocholt is located - North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). I already knew that the flag of NRW looks very similar to the flag of my native Iran. For North Rhine-Westphalia, there is also a coat of arms, and in it is, inter alia, to see a horse. "Because there are so many horses in Bocholt," the trainer said. He did not mean it very seriously, but it's true: If you look around, especially in the northern part of Bocholt, you see a lot of horses. I've visited some of them. My nephew in Iran has a horse and rides, but not me. Once I sat on a horse. But I fell down. I like horses anyway. There are many of them at the riding and driving club Barlo-Bocholt on Winterswijker Straße. 44 live there like in a pension. They have a good time - in the stable buildings, on the large pastures, in the riding arenas and on the riding arenas. They even have a "shower room" and a carousel in which they move. On the site, which has just received a brand new show jumping area with a beautifully landscaped bleachers, there is always something going on (the photos were taken during training). Around the club grounds, more and more riding stables have emerged in recent years, whose owners hold private horses. Around 180 to 200 of these horses use the club facilities. Gymnastics on the horse At six or seven years old children start riding, says club chairman Carsten Telahr. Mostly they are girls - because they like animals and especially horses. Often the children come from "rider families" in which the parents also ride. They often start with vaulting. I had never heard of it. It does not exist in Iran. In vaulting, children or adolescents exercise on the back of a horse running in a circle on a long lunge. There are even competitions for that. Five horses are used by the association specifically for vaulting and are the only horses that belong to it. The club is affiliated with a riding school where you can learn how to ride a horse. Three or four years old is a horse when it starts riding training. Then or a little earlier it gets used to the saddle. Before a horse jumps over obstacles, it must master the dressage. "Jumping without dressage is not possible," says coach Michael Erkner. At equestrian events, some riders start in dressage and jumping competitions. From the difficulty classes L and M they specialize in jumping or dressage. In addition, there are in the riding and driving club Barlo-Bocholt also versatility and Western riders. Overall, almost 200 active riders start for the club, which has more than 600 members. Each rider in the club is required to be 20 hours as a helper or assistant to be active. In a horse show around 100 helpers are in use. But also there is always a lot to do with the care of the horses, with feeding and care of the animals and the plant. Some of the club members are very dedicated. "Without them, it is not possible," says Carsten Telahr. The community among the club members plays a major role. The children already enjoy that, said the chairman. The professional exchange is just as important as the social gathering in Reiterstübchen. A horse as a coach Once a week the horses go through the woods and fields - without dressage and jumping. They need that as compensation, says Carsten Telahr. But you can not rent a horse for a ride at his club. "That's unfortunately missing in Bocholt," says Anja Schröer, who lives on one of Bocholt's horse farms. Twelve places for horses and ponies are there. Most of them do not belong to her but to other owners. Anja Schröer runs a consulting firm and invites managers to very special courses. For the first time you will experience the encounter with horses for the first time. This is quite different from their job, where they plan and regulate things as "head people" - content as well as their appearance, including their rhetoric. A horse is not a colleague or a business partner, and it reacts differently. "Horses are very sensitive," says Anja Schröer. They perceive people's moods, "reflect our state of health". For humans, this means a great opportunity to perceive and open themselves, which is often unfamiliar and therefore not easy. I have in my encounters with the horses, after all, one of them fed with a carrot and for a photo shoot in addition to Mrs. Schröer with the six-year-old Leila posing (see photo). And I learned a lot. I now know why the horse is in the NRW coat of arms, namely as a symbol of the half of NRW, Westphalia. "Westfalen is horse country", Carsten Telahr told me. More than 50 000 horses and nearly 600 riding clubs with almost 100 000 members are available here. There are especially many horses and very good riding horses in Warendorf, the "city of the horse" near Münster. There is the NRW state stud and the center of the German professional riders. Westphalian horses are very much in demand worldwide. In Iran, where incidentally the Polo sport was invented with horses, they may not be introduced at the moment. This is related to the economic sanctions and their consequences. The importation of other things that are essential for a livelihood has priority ............................................................................................................ ............... Raha [...]