Social list Bocholt for free school meals - put Ewibo under public scrutiny

The voter community Social List Bocholt is outraged. The reason: The development and operating company of the city Bocholt mbH (Ewibo) has announced that it wants to increase the prices for school lunches at the school menus at Benölkenplatz and at the comprehensive school from the year 2020 of 4,20 Euro to 4,40 Euro again. The voters community accuses those responsible to operate an anti-social and family hostile price gouging and gives this raise a clear rejection. In addition, she now wants to know in the main and financial committee meeting on Wednesday by mayor Peter Nebelo, whether the board of Ewibo has even decided that the prices for school meals should be increased. What are the possibilities for the Council and the administration to avert the planned increase in school lunch prices? And what the city of Bocholt would have to pay a financial subsidy to the Ewibo and for the other schools if the school lunch would be free. A council request has submitted Councilor Bärbel Sauer at the mayor's office on the weekend, saying: "It is unacceptable that the prices for school lunches in the school cafeteria at Benölkenplatz and at the comprehensive school from the coming school year on from 4,20 Euro to 4,40 Euro. Taking into account the price increase since January this year from 3,95 Euro to 4,20 Euro, this would be a whopping 10% increase (10%). We reject this kind of anti-social and family-hostile price gouging. Rather, consideration should be given to whether student payments for school meals could not be reduced or eliminated altogether. True to the motto: "Free lunch for every schoolchild". Again and again with this example, here again shows the urgent need that the Ewibo must be transferred to the city of Bocholt, so that the Ewibo can no longer switch and act as they want. The necessary urban control and decision by the Council of the City of Bocholt would be of benefit to all citizens and employees of the Ewibo. It can also be assumed that this could save a lot of money, for example the expenses for the Supervisory Board and the management. "[...]

Tire punctured and paint damaged

Bocholt (ots) - In the time from Saturday, 22.00 o'clock, to Sunday, 00.25 o'clock, all the tires of a blue Fiat Panda were pricked on the street in the Ziegelheide. In addition, the perpetrators damaged both exterior mirrors and scratched the paint on the driver's side. The police are looking for witnesses. Please contact the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) [...]

Motorists under the influence of drugs tries to escape

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday afternoon, a witness of the police reported against 14.10 clock a driving in snake line driver. Police officers stopped the car in the area Münsterstraße / Don-Bosco-Straße. The 45-year-old motorist from Bocholt tried to run from it, but was caught up after a short pursuit and detained. Based on the drug test, the man was under cocaine and cannabis influence. He had […]

Accident flight at the bowling center

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday between 10.00 clock and 12.45 clock in the parking lot of the bowling center on the street In Königssch a gray VW Golf was hit and significantly damaged. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 3.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are asked to [...]

Burglary in apartment

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday, a still unknown offender between 02.00 clock and 11.50 clock penetrated into a ground floor apartment in an apartment building on the Herzogstraße. Presumably, the perpetrator could fully open a tilted window. Stolen a TV (Telefunken), a mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy) and a soundbar (LG). The police are looking for witnesses. Hints […]

Rioters damaged patrol cars

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday evening, police officers met 22.50 on the grounds of a gas station at the Westend on an aggressive 27-year-old Bocholter who damaged the hood of the patrol car by blows. The officers detained the man in order to prevent further crimes. The 27-year-old resisted the measure, in which nobody was injured. A criminal case [...]