Pedelec driver crashes while turning

Bocholt (ots) - Slight injuries suffered a pedelec driver on Tuesday in Bocholt in an accident. The 65-year-old was traveling against 17.50 clock on the Southwall and wanted to turn left into Ludwig-Erhard-Straße. She touched the rear wheel of a cyclist ahead, came to the case and pulled himself in the fall minor injuries. On […]

After collision just continued

Bocholt (ots) - A driver fled on Tuesday after a traffic accident in Bocholt-Mussum. An 22 year-old drove there with his vehicle against 09.00 clock the Bömkesweg coming from Beethovenstraße in the direction of Westfalenstraße (B 473). According to him, a car coming from the left side of the Loikumer Weg had disregarded his right of way and [...]

Break-ins in four Bocholt stores

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown persons have broken into several stores in Bocholt in recent days. Three incidents occurred in the night of Wednesday: - Burglars opened the door to a shop at the inn. Whether the perpetrators stole something was not clear at first. - Unknown persons have also thrown open the door of a restaurant on the [...]

1. Bocholt Aasee Festival "planned for 2020

From the 8. until the 10. May 2020 iat the "1. Bocholt Aasee Festival "planned. The PT Event Agency, in cooperation with Stadtmarketing Bocholt and numerous other Bocholt companies, will hold a unique event over a whole weekend, which will become a platform for local companies, restaurateurs, artists and clubs. Together with the Bocholt event specialist [...]

"The trauma will last a lifetime"

Borken County. The participants of this year's roundtable of the Round Table against Domestic Violence - "Alternatives" - did not have to digest light meals. Some 120 interested people came to the Borkener Kreishaus to find out about the difficult and sensitive topic of female genital mutilation / forced circumcision. With Dr. Christoph Zerm from Witten-Herdecke had the responsible persons a designated [...]

TuB volleyball players start in new second division season

Next Sunday, the 15. September, it's that time again: The 2019 / 20 season of the 2. Men's volleyball league starts with a home game by TuB Bocholt against the traditional club Moerser SC. The players are looking forward to the new season and to the fans who want to make the Euregiohalle back to the Euregio hell. The game starts at 16: 00 watch.Picture: [...]