Dutch police take Aalten suspected car thieves

The Dutch police caught two suspected car thieves on Wednesday night (30, October, 18.46) at the Aalten border. The men were loading a Porsche and a Fiat motorhome that had been stolen in Coesfeld the day before onto a semi-trailer. The two Polish citizens were provisionally arrested. A third suspect fled. The German […]

Chief police director Bernd Schünke welcomed in a circle

Kreis Borken (ots) - In the district of Borken, district director Dr. Ansgar Hörster Mr. Bernd Schünke, who started his new job as department head of police at the district police office Borken. Representing the district administrator Kai Zwicker welcomed Dr. Listen to the successor of Frank Burre at the head of the police in Borken district and congratulated [...]

Seminar "Customs Intensive Training Import"

There are constantly new rules for work on importing goods and customs, which must be observed. The seminar "Customs Intensive Training: Import", which takes place in Bocholt, is aimed at employees in cross-border trade in goods or customs-related activities and those responsible to the authorities (export or customs officers, customs). The participants learn to recognize risks quickly and to [...]

Accident flight in front of sports facility

cholt (ots) - On Wednesday, a gray car Honda CRV was hit and damaged in the parking lot of a sports complex on the Markgrafenstraße between 17.35 clock and 19.00 clock. Despite the damage caused in the amount of about 2.000 Euro, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are asked to attend [...]

Accident-devastated quickly

Bocholt (ots) - On Wednesday evening, an 19-year-old driver on the Robert-Bosch-Straße came off the lane in the area of ​​a bend and drove against a fence. The driver continued his journey without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses had observed this and the police informed. Police officers met the accident fugitive on the way to the site (even on the Robert-Bosch-Straße). The officials stopped the 19-year-old, who now has to expect criminal proceedings for "accident flight". [...]

Open consultation of the life coach

On Monday, 04.11.2019 offers the support association Lebenshilfe NRW eV again from 09.00 to 11.00 clock his open consultation in the rooms of the Lebenshilfe Bocholt -Hede-Isselburg eV, Werther Str. 173, 46395 Bocholt. The offer is aimed at: - Voluntary carers who would like individual advice or assistance - People with disabilities and their relatives, who [...]

Damaged wanted

cholt (ots) - On Tuesday, a motorist from Bocholt drove up the Burloer Weg towards 17.45 towards the city center when he suddenly heard a loud noise. The Bocholter stopped shortly after and found that the cover of his right side mirror had broken off. He found neither the cover nor a damaged vehicle and reported the [...]

Locks on Wagner and Hardtstraße

Bocholt (PID). From the 4. November until the 20. December 2019 comes in the area Wagnerstraße and Hardtstraße to blockages. This is indicated by the municipal traffic department. Reason are Kanalarbeiten.Zauächst the Wagnerstrasse, between Annette-von-Droste-Hülshoff-Strasse and Schubertstraße, fully blocked. Following this, the Hardtstraße in the amount of house numbers 12-2 is blocked. A redirect will not be set up. Residents are informed of the measure by the executing company. [...]

Appointment change at the encounter service

The next encounter service will take place at 02.11.2019 at 18.00 in our apostle church. Warm invitation to the blessing service with prayers, songs and meditation. So we want to tune in, to feel God's blessing. And strengthen us to pass on this rich blessing. I bless you and you should be a blessing. (1, Moses 12,2)

EUREGIO Consultation at 14. November in Bocholt

Living in Germany and working in the Netherlands? For many residents of the border region, this is perfectly normal: they cross the border every day to do their work. Many questions can arise - which the GrenzInfoPunkt of the EUREGIO can answer. What happens when you have accepted a job in the Netherlands? Where do you pay [...]

FESTAKT 200 years Evangelical in Bocholt

On the 31. October 2019 celebrates the Evangelical Church Bocholt her 200 anniversary. Together with all districts and guests from the city we celebrate the 200 anniversary of the Evangelical Church Bocholt. We start 18.00 o'clock with the opening in the St. Agneskapelle at the Schonenberg. Where it all started. Afterwards there will be a celebration service in the Christuskirche starting at 19 o'clock. Everyone is welcome. [...]

The pedestrian and bicycle path of Werther Straße is closed

Bocholt (PID). Due to the fiberglass expansion in the rural area, the northern pedestrian and cycle path of the Werther Straße between Pannemannstraße and Wissenstiege by Montag, 4. November 2019, until expected 30. January 2020 fully closed. The pedestrians are directed to the other side of the street. For cyclists a diversion is reported, first on the Pannemannstraße, Boytinkweg, Milky Way and Liederner [...]

Easiness in difficult life phases

Bocholt (PID). On Friday, 15. November 2019, the network Dementia Bocholt invites relatives, stakeholders and professionals to an event in the casino (Casinowall 19) in Bocholt. The event starts at 14 clock with a stand-up coffee. Admission is free. Registration is required and until 14. November in the senior citizens office of the city Bocholt under Tel. [...]

Approval office in Bocholt moves

The vehicle registration office in Bocholt will remain on Monday, 18., And Tuesday, 19. November 2019, closed due to their move to the Gigaset building. The reason for the move is the comprehensive renovation and modernization of the town hall in Bocholt, from Wednesday, 20. November 2019, is the registration office in Bocholt at the new location, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 52-58 (Gigaset building) in Bocholt reachable again. [...]

Number of unemployed in the Borken district continued to fall

The number of SGB II unemployed in Borken county declined further in October. This shares district director Dr. Ansgar listener with. For the month of October 2019, the "Jobcenter in Borken County" has a total of 4.221 employable beneficiaries who are registered as unemployed. Compared to September, the number of SGB II unemployed is around 53 people and [...]