Love at first - Max Griesbeck, Bocholt, professional golfer

The Bocholt golf pro Max Griesbeck "reads" the putt lineBeyond BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERE's love was at first. Only once had father Martin Griesbeck taken his son Max as a small child on the golf course. "That was during a holiday in Ireland," recalls today's 25-year-old. From that day on, the leather pill was written off for the football-loving boy, and Max Griesbeck's free time was spent playing with the plastic ball, weighing just under 46 grams. In the meantime, the Wahl-Mussumer, who grew up in Anholt, has made a career out of the hobby. The Bocholter is a golf professional and currently plays on the Pro Golf Tour - a kind of third division - in places throughout Europe and North Africa. In the youth, the talent of the 25-year-old showed up. Max Griesbeck improved his handicap almost every month. When this was finally at 4, he was admitted to a NRW promotional squad. At the same time the Bocholter played in the first men's team of the golf club Anholt. "But I never really trained. I was a little lazy, "says Griesbeck. That changed when he decided to become a so-called" Playing Professional ". Since then he has been touring around 30 weeks a year. The rest of the time the Bocholter uses to prepare intensely for the season. That means above all one thing: play, play, play. For hours he runs over places and eats a lot of kilometers. In addition, the tee is optimized on the so-called driving range. That hoses. "If you imagine you knocking 200 through 300 balls and applying a mass of up to 50 kilograms to the club at the apex of the strike, then you can work out what that means for the body," the 25 commented. years. This is all the more so, as Griesbeck has a very hefty discount. His balls often land in 280 meters distance. Therefore, in addition to endurance and technique especially fitness is in demand. Max Griesbeck uses an offer from adenauer 66 GmbH, a center for sports medicine and physiotherapy in Bocholt. This has "Logical Golf" in the portfolio, a kind of simulation device, with the help of specific targeted muscle groups are strengthened. Thus, the athlete can counteract dysbalances and strengthen strong strained body regions. This is to prevent typical golfer's problems such as back, disc and sciatica problems and the known as Golferarm pain in the inner muscles of the elbow. Sports scientist Kai Nijman supports the training. Because of the lower speed of movement on the device, he can detect and correct errors faster. By the way, basic stamina, strength and flexibility are optimized. Max Griesbeck certainly feels well prepared. He has also decreased in recent weeks to be fit on the long, exhausting game weekends. His goal is set. "I want to go on the ChallangeTour," says the 25 year-old. That's the next higher league. And from there it should then in the European Tour. The is reserved for the greats of golf. In a Bocholt center sports medicine and physiotherapy, the athletes prepares for the season. Sports scientist Kai Nijman (r.) Supports him. [...]

City History: The History of the Jewish Synagogue

Bocholt (PID). The Bocholt city archive presents from the series "Historical photo of the month" this time a shot of the Jewish synagogue in Bocholt. The photo showing the street vista of Nobel Street from West to East was taken at 17. September 1929 recorded when the airship LZ 127 just crossed the city. "It is the only one so far [...]

Heart wins - Schmeink is Mayor candidate of the SPD

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER (text and photo) Actually, after the Zoff of the past days, trouble was inevitable at the general meeting of the Bocholt SPD. But far from it. There was only one hesitant attempt to address the topic. But the ironic party leader Bernhard Pacho skillfully from. Somehow the comrades sensed that unanimity was needed in the election of a mayoral candidate. And so the three candidates Stefan Schmeink, Peter Wiegel and Martin Schmidt and their respective followers were very fair with each other. In the end Schmeink won - probably because he was the only one who dared to address internal conflicts and call for unity. That came to the members. In the previous round of introductions, Martin Schmidt had initially used his rhetorical strengths. The intellectual among the three candidates analyzed the deficiency of the Bocholt SPD: "A footballer would say we are good at attacking, but we have weaknesses in the recovery." Then he presented his program. Peter Wiegel, the experienced, went above all else on local political issues and needs. Among other things, he made himself strong for the expansion EWIBO to a housing construction company. "If you say A, you have to say B, too," was his position. Stepan Schmeink finally relied on emotions. He invoked the fighting spirit and the unity of the comrades and demanded a long-missing positive attitude within the party. He probably met exactly the nerve of the members. Because even in the first ballot Schmeink's victory was apparent. He was ahead of Wiegel (31) and Schmidt (24) with 23 votes. Martin Schmidt then withdrew his candidacy and promised Schmeink his support. That showed effect. And so the ballot was just a matter of form. Schmeink finally won with 54: 26 and was the first to accept the congratulations of his opponent. However, so that the smoldering dispute between the party and the faction is settled, must be seen. At the next parliamentary group meeting, a new board will be elected or the old one will be added. Possible that, Stefan Schmeink takes over the chairmanship. This would give him the opportunity to position himself in the run-up to the mayoral election and to focus more on the public. [...]

Traveling exhibition in the district house in Borken shows honorary commitment

Volunteering plays an important role in the district of Borken. In order to raise awareness of the many areas and to motivate and inspire people who are not yet active in volunteering, 13 will be online until Wednesday. November 2019, the traveling exhibition "Sexy Moments" of the network "Voluntarily Engaged" in the district Borken in the foyer of the county house in Borken, Burloer [...]

Admission office closed Wednesday afternoon

Because of a staff meeting the Kreishaus Borken on Wednesday, 13. November, only open until 12.30 clock. This also applies to the branches of the district administration in Ahaus, Bocholt, Gescher, Gronau, Rhede and Stadtlohn. The media center in Borken is also closed in the afternoon. For this reason, the Kult Westmünsterland in Vreden is only open until 13 o'clock. [...]

Flashlight guide at the ESB

Bocholt (PID). The waste management consultancy of the disposal and service company (ESB) will be hosting on Wednesday, 20. November 2019, children between 6 and 12 years to flashlight guide over the premises at the Schaffeldstraße. The action will be held for the first time, reports waste consultant Petra Tacke. Start is at 18: 30 clock. Every child receives a flashlight. Together with the waste consultant, [...]

BochOLD - Young poets start slamming

Bocholt (PID). Writing, writing, lecturing - or re-writing "slamming": For Bocholter teens between the ages of 10-14 years will take place on Saturday, 9. November 2019, a writing workshop in Café Karton (Am Vredepool 7). Poetry Slammer Michael Schumacher shows how own texts and messages are taken from the head to the paper and finally to the audience. Registrations under Tel. 02871 487586. The event lasts from 13 to 17 pm and is free of charge. Schumacher teaches basic writing, writing and lecturing skills. The writing workshop "BochOLD - Young Poets Get Started" is one of many offers in this year's "Kulturrucksack", an initiative of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Westfalen for the promotion of art and culture among children and adolescents. Information at [...]

From the "Garden" we "Street of horror"

Creepy Halloween mood in the "Street of Horror". The planned event "Garden of Horror" in Arndstraße was canceled at short notice. Fire department and the municipal construction office had security concerns. Nevertheless, Pascal Hoffmann and his almost 30 volunteers had "trick or treat". The event was unceremoniously moved from the garden to the driveway and the front yard. There were many visitors to indulge in the scary atmosphere. Fear-wrapped and scary figures skillfully shocked and terrified them. Even the little guests enjoyed the evening and were happy about "sweet and sour" [...]