Bicyclist injured / combi driver escapes

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday morning, a still unknown driver turned against 07.40 clock from the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße to the left on the Mühlenweg. It came to a collision with an eleven-year cyclist from Bocholt, who just wanted to cross the mill path. The boy was able to prevent a fall, but bounced his upper body against the bicycle handlebars. After this […]

Accident flight on the Berliner Platz

Bocholt (ots) - A damage in the amount of about 1.000 Euro left on Monday a still unknown driver on the Berliner Platz. Between 10.50 clock and 11.15 clock there had been damaged a gray VW Phaeton on the rear left side. The police are looking for witnesses. Please notify the Traffic Commissariat in Bocholt (02871) 2990

Drugs in traffic

Bocholt (ots) - Police inspected a 21-year-old motorist late on Monday evening on Ravardistraße. In the control of driving ability, there were indications of possible drug use by the 21-year-olds. The officers prohibited the onward journey and brought the case to the display. A doctor took a blood sample from the man to prove the drug use exactly

Bocholt City app links local news with solutions for domestic trade

Co-operation between two domestic digital companies makes it possible: Made in Bocholt and 21Media are developing a CITY app that combines the breadth of local news with concrete and easy-to-implement solutions for local retailers. The focus is on a program developed by Mathis Schülingkamp, ​​which automatically combines products from existing online shops Bocholter dealers, but also from merchandise management systems into a common, large "Bocholt shop". Also integrated are a shopping map, digital games and a job portal. The city marketing accompanies the plans in the context of the project "Smarter Acting" and invites on Wednesday, the 20. November at 19: 15 Watch for an info event and app presentation on 21medien, Ravardistraße 5-7, a. Registrations takes up to 18. November 2019 Lisa Hebing entgegen.In another program point, Performance Scout Stefan Geukes will give an impulse to the question: "When do customers make a purchase decision, so they buy in the store and not elsewhere?" He represents the main shopping motives , the role and importance of the staff and the need for networking online and offline activities. Interesting for retailers: Investments in digital transformation may be funded by the state. Multichannel sales is also the keyword for the city app makers. "Many people would rather buy locally instead of Amazon or Ebay, if they only knew where there is and how to get home quickly and easily. We want to close this gap, "explains Berthold Blesenkemper. He had already offered dealers a year ago to discontinue products in the Made-in-Bocholt-Shop. But the selection was still too low for a resounding success. That should change with the City App. "If the goods databases of several stores are combined there, then quickly thousands of products and brands come together," explains developer Mathis Schülingkamp. That makes the thing attractive to end customers. Important: Made in Bocholt mediates the deals only. Ordered and paid in the shops themselves, which thus retain the customer relationship. The first cooperation partner is Hungerkamp. The household goods specialist automatically integrates more than 1600 offers from its online offer into the Bocholt Shop via one interface at a stroke. "We use the Internet as a virtual shop window. And since we do that, we have 20 percent more customers in the brick-and-mortar business, "says CEO Petra Hungerkamp explaining her motivation. [...]

Nude drawing - A VHS success model radiates beyond the region

Looking - focusing - focusing, that's how Michael Tewiele describes life drawing. He wants to represent proportions, play the game with light and shadow and thereby draw the body. The Bocholter already draws his whole life, then studied in Münster and works independently as an illustrator. Nude drawing, so Tewiele is the best base to learn concentrated and therefore will be his [...]

Social list demands reusable bags "city bag"

In order to continue and expand the environmental idea, the voters community Social List Bocholt wants citizens to be provided with multi-way shopping bags. The free cloth bags labeled "Stadt Tüte" should be issued to food markets, market feeders and public institutions. Accompanyingly, the Social List proposes that the City Council, together with the ESB, launch an information campaign [...]

Charity concert for Memorial Day

Bocholt (PID). As part of the 4. Bocholt Blasorchestertage, organized by the music school Bocholt-Isselburg and the instrumental circle Lowick, have met over 100 music enthusiasts of all ages, together to the charity concert for the National Day of Mourning on 16. November 2019 to prepare 19: 30 clock in the city theater. Already to the 4. Sometimes the "Bocholter Blasorchestertage" together with the music school Bocholt-Isselburg [...]

Bottleneck on Theodor-Heuss-Ring

Bocholt (PID). The right lane on the Theodor-Heuss-Ring, in the area of ​​the junction Bismarckstraße, will be available from Wednesday, 13. November 2019, locked. Reason are construction work on a shaft. Traffic is routed to the left lane. This is reported by the municipal traffic department. At the same time, the pedestrian and bicycle path is partially closed. Pedestrians can pass the measure. In the area […]

Construction work on Münsterstraße

Bocholt (PID). Due to the fiber-optic expansion, it comes on the Münsterstraße, between the junction Theodor-Heuss-Ring / Ostwall and the Schwartzstraße in the period of Wednesday, 13. November 2019, until expected 31. December 2019 to traffic delays. In a total of five sections, the Münsterstraße half-sided and the pedestrian and bicycle path must be fully blocked. The first section is located on the Münsterstraße, corner Bismarkstraße. There, the road is narrowed and the sidewalk partially blocked. The car traffic is routed past the construction site. To make this possible, the left turn lane is shortened from Münsterstraße to Theodor-Heuss-Ring. An emergency route will be set up for pedestrians. Cyclists must dismount or join in the flowing traffic. Then follow the sections 2 to 5, which are located on the northern side of Münsterstraße between Schwartzstraße and the intersection Theodor-Heuss-Ring / Ostwall. At a maximum length of 30 meters, the pedestrian and bicycle path is blocked from entering the city. For cyclists a diversion is set up, pedestrians are led at the traffic light on the other side of the street. Again, the flowing traffic is routed past the construction work, thus a turning away from the city in the Schwartzstraße in the sections 2 and 3 is not possible. In addition, the right turn is shortened in the East Wall. Throughout the construction measure Tempo 30 applies. The road users are asked to drive around or pass the place where possible, according to the Municipal Transport Department. [...]