Since today Bocholt lights up again

As of today, Thursday, 14.11., Just in time for 17 clock, the inner city streets and shopping centers shine again in the advent light. Employees of the Stadtmarketing Gesellschaft and the Bocholt-based electric company Rohleder have been busy hanging Christmas trees in the city with Christmas wreaths over 200 garlands, light frames, comets and 35 street surges since the beginning of November. Most of the work is done, the big fir trees [...]

Vehicle registration office moves into the Gigaset building

Bocholt (PID). The next moves from the Bocholt Town Hall are due: in the week of Monday, 18. November 2019, until Friday, 22. November 2019, the branch office (vehicle registration) and the department of central administration move to the temporary administrative location in the building of the company Gigaset at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 52-58. The vehicle registration office in Bocholt will remain on Monday, 18. November, [...]

Integration: World Music with Africa Mamas

Bocholt (INT). The World Music Concert with the Africa Mamas, an A Capella Zulu sextet from South Africa, takes place on Monday, 18. November 2019 to 20 clock in the Old Dairy, Werther Road 16, instead. Tickets for 8 Euro are only available at the box office. Inlet from 19: 30 clock. The ensemble "Afrika Mamas" was founded by 1998. In his […]

Lecture and book exhibition on the fall of the Berlin Wall

Bocholt (VHS). Before 30 years, the Berlin Wall fell, the symbol of German-German separation. This historical event is now remembered in the Media Center Bocholt. On Thursday, 21. November 2019, a book exhibition will be opened at 18: 30 pm. Afterwards, the Dormunder historian Wolfgang Hoffmann will give a lecture on 19: 30 Watch "30 years [...]

Again empties barrels stolen - but this time Warsteiner

Bocholt (ots) - Once again unknown people in Bocholt have been looking for empties on a larger scale: on the night of Thursday, the perpetrators stole a total of 62 party kegs from the Warsteiner beer brand. The empty barrels were stored on the grounds of a beverage trade on the street Am Gut Baarking. As reported, only the night before had unknown 66 [...]

First paddle, then complain: CDU rows back at City Hall renovation

A comment by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERDer CDU city councilor Reiner Bones was, he said recently in the meeting of the budget committee, in view of the expected cost increases in the renovation of the town hall "already quite dizzy". In the meantime, his group is also "very worried". According to a press release from today, it calls for clarification and, as a precautionary measure, brings "the removal of individual measures into play". Made in Bocholt has therefore asked city councilor Daniel Zöhler for the above enlightenment. He does not understand all the excitement. "At the moment, 50 keeps millions of euros plus the cost of the increase in the construction price index. Everything else is pure speculation, "he said on request. The true costs could be determined only now after the removal of the, it is said. The result is expected to April 2020.Doch the CDU does not seem to wait so long. For them it is not impossible to cancel individual planned remedial measures. The only thing that should be decisive is that "in the end, the citizens will once again have a functional town hall with a cultural center, and the employees will have well-equipped workplaces," explains Johannes Dyhringer. Already 2018 has been proposed to fix the budget for the renovation, it goes on. "Unfortunately, this was not supported by all parties," said the CDU parliamentary group leader Burkhard Weber notes. However, Weber zealously conceals that his party is significantly responsible for the dilemma. It was the CDU that insisted for years on the strict observance of the so-called debt ceiling. This forced the administration to save on every corner - and above all on the maintenance. The result: The long-lasting benefits of the low-interest phase were missed. Only now, when the galloping construction price index more than eats up the interest rate advantage, will new loans be taken up. A retrospectively fatal mistake. In addition, it was the CDU, which has demanded the 6,5 million-euro replenishment of the town hall to a fourth staggered floor. And at the 2,1 million euros expensive, additional multi-functional hall was faction leader Burkhard Weber only then, then against, he is currently back for it and probably soon again against it.First, then complain, but something does not work. And to blame others, in times of premature communal election, may be an effective means. But the citizen is not so stupid that he does not know exactly who in both the City Hall and in the Council in recent years really had the shuffle. Finally concludes positive to note that a rethink seems to use. OK then. Maybe it would not be so bad to think again from scratch. [...]

Arved Fuchs: With the haikut to the continent of superlatives

By BIANCA MÜMKEN (text and photos) On the occasion of the 100 anniversary of the Volkshochschule, a lecture of the very special kind was on the program last night in the municipal stage house. The German polar explorer and author, Arved Fuchs, who was known by numerous television documentaries and photo reports, took the visitors on an expedition to Tierra del Fuego with his legendary Cape Horn and [...]

Gigaset expands AS690A and AS690 with a new HX handset

The AS690 family from Gigaset is growing. The AS690 and AS690A models have been on the market since May. Now the company launches the AS2019HX, a universal handset for operation on routers and as a supplementary handset for existing systems. All variants - whether with or without an answering machine or as a universal handset - are used in the main [...]

Town Hall Rehabilitation: CDU calls for clarification and brings deletion of individual measures into play

The emerging cost trend in the renovation of the town hall, the CDU Group is of great concern. In this context, it does not exclude the possibility of deleting individual redevelopment measures, as Johannes Dyhringer, city councilor and CDU spokesman in the Building Committee, emphasizes. It is important that in the end the citizens have a functional city hall at their disposal.??We are very concerned about the current developments in town hall renovation. Already 2018, we have therefore proposed to fix the budget for the renovation. Unfortunately, this has not been supported by all parties, "said CDU leader, Burkhard Weber. For the CDU, it is now important that the ongoing cost calculations be completed and submitted to the city council. It may also be examined to what extent the additional costs can be compensated by the monument protection by means of subsidies. Johannes Dyhringer explains: "Only on this basis can we assess whether individual remedial measures are meaningful and economical. For the CDU, it is not excluded to cancel individual planned remedial measures. Decisive may be solely that the citizens at the end again have a functional city hall with cultural center and the employees meaningfully equipped workstations are available. He also called for a review of whether there are delays in the timetable as a result of the current developments. In the opinion of the other parties, Group President Weber said: "In order to find a quick and sensible solution now, we must act together. It is not enough to say that this is not the case without suggesting an alternative solution. With such a big and important project like the Town Hall refurbishment, we have to tackle the upcoming challenges across the board! "Regarding the other urban buildings and structures, the CDU faction once again highlights the need for ongoing entertainment. "It must not happen again that the single-city building is so neglected in the conversation over the years!" Concluded Weber. [...]

Who will become "Lesekönigin" or "Lesekönig" from Bocholt?

Bocholt (PID). Next Friday, 15. November 2019, the time has come: Then it will be decided who will be Bocholt's "Lesekönigin" or "Lesekönig" this year. At 15 o'clock in the media center of the city Bocholt, Hindenburgstrasse 5, 13 students of the fourth elementary school classes compete in the reading contest. Participating: Lenya-Sophie Ehlting / Clemens-Dülmer-Schule Thea Fischer / Kreuzschule [...]

Three new game points and trees in the city

The city center is embellished. This provides for an immediate action program of the administration, which was presented yesterday in the committee for planning and construction. Accordingly, new so-called "game points" are being set up on the Easter, New and North Roads. In addition, a new tree will be added to Europaplatz, Langenbergstraße and Liebfrauenplatz, as well as a [...]

Zöhler sees good opportunities for new food market in Lowick

City Councilor Daniel Zöhler sees good opportunities for a new food market in Lowick. The threatened closure of Edeka Elskamp in the coming year would give the opportunity to rebuild the currently used property on the Werther road, said the deputy yesterday in the committee for planning and construction. With Elskamp this variant was not feasible, [...]

Proclamation of the new Prince and Queen on Saturday

On Saturday the 16.11.2019 takes place in front of the historic town hall on the Bocholt market square under the motto "Carnival welds Bocholt fools together" this year's proclamation of the new prince couples of the city of Bocholt for the session 2019 / 20120 instead. The children's prince couple Tom II. (Kroesen) and their loveliness Kinderprinzessin Nela I. (Spieker) and the great prince couple Prince Fred I. (Kramer) [...]