Politics, Party and Forecasts: How Bocholt's parties want to make percentages out of per thousand ...

A gloss by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPERBocholter politics creeps up a terrible suspicion. Did the Junge Union, as an official youth organization of the CDU, make young women and men docile with the help of alcohol in order to make them - unwillingly and unconsciously - to become members of their party? At least this impression could be made by reading the recent request of the Social List to Mayor Peter Nebelo. Accordingly, the JU has advertised on so-called Abifeten over years of junior staff. "According to their own reports, students even served alcohol free of charge as advertising material. Something like that I think is very questionable and in no way as a legitimate means to attract and inspire young people for politics, "says the city council Bärbel Sauer.Was the complainant does not know. The Junge Union Bocholt has - according to its motto "50 Percent Party and 50 percent politics" - from the seemingly unspeakable bottling idea secretly made a profitable bottling idea. She has revived the old brewery in the abandoned Schützenhaus and is now producing hectolitre of barley juice with the sales slogan. "The only boy - JU-LER" (see photo). A scandal, the social list. But actually she should not throw stones while she sits in the glasshouse. After investigative research by Made in Bocholt, the Bocholt voter community in Franken has secretly bought a winery to produce a shell limestone pulled Silvaner - bottled and in its original packaging by its eponymous party leader Rainer Sauer and his wife, as our proof photo shows. It is true: With per thousand can make good percentages in elections, right! The wave is already spilling over on the mayoral election campaign. The designated CDU candidate brings to the coming general meeting of the Bocholter Union as a giveaway in small vials the "Kerkhoff grain - only real from Gescher". And the Young Socialists support their newly chosen favorite with "Flying Schmeink", a party-color-compliant mix of Red Bull and drabbigem cherry liqueur. Well then, cheers! ATTENTION: This text is a gloss, so a satirically exaggerated representation. The editors are aware of the dangerous consequences of excessive alcohol consumption and urgently warn against it. [...]

Vietnamese Thi Bich Lien Nguyen is Lorenz Weegen winner 2019

Diligence is rewarded, sometimes even with the Lorenz Way Prize. This experience was yesterday allowed to make the young Vietnamese Thi Bich Lien Nguyen. She was one of the four nominees of the Lorenz Weegen Prize, which was awarded by the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Campus-Bocholt. With her year-high final thesis, she sat down against her three fellow campaigners Miriam Rolvering from Vreden, Julian Teuber from Oeding and Saskia Maria Lensing from Bocholt. Topic of her master's thesis: Theory, application and comparative analysis of classification procedures for creditworthiness.Freudestrahlend the winner took her The other graduates of the bachelor's and master's degree programs were rewarded for their tireless diligence and great staying power and happily accepted their certificates and prizes, which were presented to you by Professor Dr. med. Bernd Kriegesmann, Ulrich Grunewald and the Bocholt deans. The solemn farewell of the graduates of the year 2019 took place in the urban stage house in Bocholt. She attracted numerous visitors, who flocked in large numbers into the foyer of the Bocholt Town Hall. After a welcome by the Bocholde Dean Prof. Dr. med. Martin Maaß and Prof. dr. Gerhard Juen took over Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Kriegesmann the word to the graduates and the numerous visitors who filled the whole hall. Also the mayor of Bocholt Peter Nebelo addressed himself with congratulatory words to the graduates and congratulated them on their well-deserved certificates and prizes. This was followed by a speech The former graduate of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences, Sophie Lehfeldt, handed over the certificates and prizes and, to crown it all, the presentation of the Lorenz-Weegen-Preis. The musical program was provided by the pop ensemble "Six n 'One Beats" at the Bocholt Music School under the direction of Jan Schulz. This year (in alphabetical order) the ten award winners are: Beek, Leonie, Tabea (mechanical engineering) - MasterBetting, Hendrik (Service Management) - MasterHebinck, Gerald (Applied Electrical Engineering) - BachelorHencke, Maurice (Business Informatics) - BachelorLangner, Christopher (Industrial Engineering) - BachelorLensing, Saskia Marie (Mechatronics) - BachelorSchlottbohm, Marie (International Management) - BachelorTelohr, Teresa ( Economics) - BachelorTenhagen-Krabbe, Tim (computer science, software systems) - BachelorAnruh, Markus (bionics) - Bachelor Photo: Bruno Wansing / Stadt Bocholt [...]

Filippa Giesen is Bocholt's reading queen 2019

Filippa Giesen is Bocholt's reading queen 2019. The pupil of the elementary school Diepenbrock (Europaplatz) won the Leskönig-Vorlesewettbewerb in the city library in front of Liam Tefert from the Clemens-August-Schule and Mathilda Wilms from the Biemenhorster Schule. Christina Seggewiße, Ela Kaya, Lenya Sophie Ehlting and Claire Maix Schäfer also travel with the three to the regional competition.Photo: Bruna Wansing / Stadt Bocholt [...]

Handwerkskammer honors its training ambassadors

To arouse interest in crafts and to motivate them to get an education - this is the aim of 92 apprentices from the chamber district of Münster, who have gone to school as new training ambassadors this year. They reported there on their way into the craft and their own experience in the profession. For their commitment, the young ambassadors and their [...]