Entered through cellar window

cholt (ots) - In an educational institution unknown people broke into the night in Bocholt on Tuesday. In order to get into the house on Stenerner Weg, the perpetrators opened up a cellar window. Inside, they searched several rooms. The nature and extent of the possible stolen goods are not yet clear. The police asks for information to the Criminal [...]

Cyclist steals handbag while driving by

cholt (ots) - A handbag stole a stranger on Tuesday in Bocholt. The events took place against 10.10 clock in the parking lot of a supermarket on the Friesenstraße: An 29-year Isselburgerin was just about to load purchases in the trunk of her car. In this situation, a cyclist approached and grabbed the handbag that [...]

Active Circle Meeting of the Junge Union

Next Friday, the 22. November, the Young Union (JU) Bocholt meets for their next active circle meeting. The session will focus on the plans for the JU NRW Summer JUniversity. This will take place next year in Bocholt. In addition, the students will discuss and discuss planned JU applications for the city council. The session begins [...]

Mobile radio survey for companies in Münsterland is starting

Borken County. For the digitally networked and mobile life and work, an efficient mobile radio connection is a key requirement. Unfortunately, the supply situation in some areas of the Münsterland does not meet the requirements of the population and the local companies. The reasons for a bad telephone or data connection are manifold and sometimes extremely complex. The four Münsterland districts Borken, Coesfeld, Steinfurt and Warendorf as well as the city of Münster are therefore carrying out an educational campaign for companies and agricultural enterprises in the region with the financial support of the state of NRW. "I am pleased that we are approaching the improvement of the mobile phone network in a coordinated manner at Münsterland level," emphasizes the Borken district administrator. Kai Zwicker. The findings are also intended to help private users. The prelude is currently running an online survey for companies in Münsterland. A direct address of the companies takes place in the district of Borken in particular by the Economic Development Corporation (WFG), the Kreishandwerkerschaft, the Chamber of Crafts Münster and the Agricultural District Association. Münsterlandweit also advertise the IHK North Westphalia and the Münster Chamber of Crafts for participation in the survey. District Administrator In this way, Zwicker expects indications of existing gaps in supply and needs. He therefore asks all companies contacted to participate in the survey "in their own interest". At the same time, a study also sponsored by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia of the University of Applied Sciences South Westphalia will record the actual situation of mobile phone coverage in Münsterland. For this purpose, existing data on the mobile phone network are evaluated and critically scrutinized. Based on this data and on the results of the company survey, measurements are then taken at selected locations in the district to identify opportunities for improvement. "Causes and solutions can be of very different kinds and usually go beyond the mere 'radio-hole problem'," explains project leader Professor Christian Lüders. He is very curious to see which factors are decisive in Münsterland. The identified options for action are likely to affect many different actors. On the one hand, there are measures that are possible on the customer side in order to get better care. Here, the necessary transparency is often missing. For example, there may be building-related obstacles on site. There is also uncertainty about the connections between provider, tariff and terminal choice. Exactly this knowledge is decisive for the fact that customers can select needs-based offers. On the other hand, the mobile service providers are to be addressed. On the basis of the measurement results, they should as far as possible initiate improvements themselves - possibly with the support of the municipalities. This is not initially about the announced 5G standard, because even with a powerful 4G / LTE network, many of the existing applications can already be used. In addition, it will not primarily be about the construction of new radio masts. Often a fine-tuning in the existing system is sufficient in order to be able to close often small-sized gaps or to reduce mutual interference of radio cells. [...]

Red Cross training in nursing

Bocholt / Kreis Borken (drk-press). The educational institute for health professions of the Red Cross in the district Borken presents two new offers in the care sector. Registrations are now possible, as the DRK press service announces. From the 1. March 2020 there is a further education according to § 53 c SGB XI nursing assistance plus part-time supervisor in Borken, starting from the 1. April 2020 [...]

Young filmmakers show their "torques"

Münster (SMS) An entertaining mix of short films and tricky quiz questions on "Film" is presented by the PopUp-Kino of the "filmothek der jugend" NRW in cooperation with the Münster Filmdienst.Land of the Press Office on Thursday, 5. December at 20 clock in Café Dreiklang on Wolbecker Straße in Münster. Shown are short films by young filmmakers from Münster, Schwerte, Lemgo [...]

Press release: Mundtot do not apply: The CDU is now probably completely crazy

Mundtot machen does not apply: The CDU is probably now completely crazy Councilmaker Bärbel Sauer wants to know in the Council meeting on Wednesday by the administration, inter alia, if, when and on what topics party politicians have been invited in Bocholt schools. Background are the Abiturfeten, where the Junge Union according to media reports with "free beer" members advertised. Prompt [...]

Info event about mini and midijobs

Bocholt (PID). "Mini Job or Midijob - (k) a big difference?" - This is the title of the info event on the so-called glide zone on Tuesday, 26. November 2019, in the Council Chamber of Bocholt City Hall. Start is at 19 clock. The event is free. Registration is not required. "Many workers desperately want to stay below the mini-job limit, as they [...]

Gigaset GS195LS: The senior smartphone made in Bocholt

Be mobile even in old age. This is a great wish of many seniors and their relatives. But mobility does not end with locomotion today. Technology also plays a fundamental role. Whether it's the messenger service or family snapshot, mobile communications are ubiquitous. Therefore, the smartphone is now an integral part of the [...]

1. FC extends contract with coach Jara

The 1. FC Bocholt creates the structures for the upcoming season. Manuel Jara remains chief coach of the Oberliga team, and Jan Winking will return to Hünting. The contract with Manuel Jara was prematurely extended for another year until the 30.06.2021. This was announced club president Ludger Triphaus on Monday. New assistant coach will be Jan Winking, [...]

Young university in Bocholt can do it sporty too.

The Young University in Bocholt can do it sporty too. Mountainbiker Hartung showed the four participants of the course of the young uni, how they move safely and stylishly with their mountain bike. Correct braking, mastering the bike, avoidance and cornering were also on the program as Radcheck (brakes, circuit, bearings, tire pressure ...) and a trip into the terrain. Maximum [...]

Native Bocholter receives "German Teacher Award"

In Berlin, three teachers and two teachers from North Rhine-Westphalia were honored with the "German Teacher Award" in the category "Students draw teachers out" as part of the festive award ceremony for the nationwide "German Teacher Award - Innovative Teaching" competition. With this award, the jury praised the outstanding educational commitment of the native Bocholter Christina Ruth Hammerström, a teacher of mathematics and [...]

8,9 million euros for KuBAaI in Bocholt

The district government of Münster has granted 2019 Euro for the cultural district Bocholter Aa in Bocholt from the investment program 8.889.000 of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In Bocholt, a municipal cultural district (KuBAaI) is to be built on both sides of Bocholter Aa between the city center and Aasee, Industriestraße and Don Bosco Strasse. Old production halls and spinning mills, machine shops and chimney remains from the former Bocholt textile production are available. With […]