Commemoration of victims and thanks to the rescue workers characterize traffic safety sentinels

Rhede / Kreis Borken (ots) - 20 people have lost their lives in the past twelve months due to accidents on the streets in the district of Borken. This number came into focus in a special way on Friday: Because more than the mere number, the fates connected with it touched the participants of the ecumenical road safety devotion. Around 70 participants attended the St. Mary's Church in Rhede-Vardingholt, and the two celebrants know which deep psychological wounds could cause serious accidents to those involved as well as to the helpers: Together, the Protestant pastor Alexandra Hippchen designed and the Catholic deacon Robert Wobbe the devotion - both are active as coordinators of the emergency pastoral care in the district of Borken. They also had the express thanks from district executive board Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow. The head of department addressed the participants while drinking coffee in the Stockhorst restaurant - on behalf of District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker, whose express greetings came from Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow thanked the helpers present for their voluntary and professional engagement in various fields of traffic safety work. "Unfortunately, the news of serious traffic accidents that occur on the streets of our district shows us why your work, your commitment and your work are indispensable," she explained. It also hits weaker road users time and again: "With great concern, we have noticed, for example, that the number of pedelecs who have crashed has risen sharply in the recent past." On the one hand, the circle should be justifiably happy that bicycles and pedelec in the region have a high status as a means of transport: "But unfortunately this also goes hand in hand with accidents that often have serious consequences." This year alone, three pedelec drivers would have lost their lives due to a traffic accident Dr. Schwenzow. She also recalled the serious accident in January in which three people died on the B67 in Bocholt. The district police department is doing everything possible to counteract this. In other accidents in the district, four pedestrians and seven two-wheelers died, including two motorcyclists and two cyclists. Such fatal accidents were a shocking event that the lives of relatives were torn from the previous path: “We feel with the relatives.” Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow also made it clear that the missions in serious accidents also have consequences for the rescuers: "We should all be aware of what such missions mean for you as a helper." In this connection, the department thanked the emergency pastors: "You are turning sympathetic to those affected, but your care also goes to the emergency services. ”The meeting offered the guests a good opportunity for exchange. The representatives of the fire brigades and the street guard, the emergency services and the police, emergency pastoral care and many other helpers were happy to make use of this. [...]

JU Chairman Behrendt: Equal educational opportunities for all!

"Every pupil and every pupil has to have the same chances - irrespective of parents and their origins!", Lukas Behrendt, chairman of the Young Union (JU) Bocholt, demanded yesterday in the auditorium of the St.-Josef-Gymnasium. Together with him discussed the SPD member of Parliament Frank Müller, the founder of the association Chancenwerk Murat Vural and the school psychologist dr. [...]

Parent Survey: More flexible childcare and day care services

Borken County. Beginning with kindergarten year 2020 / 2021, day care for children in the district of Borken should be made more flexible if there is a specific need for care beyond the regular offers. This can be done, for example, by extended opening hours of day-care centers. This is made possible by an additional funding budget in the new Child Education Act. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia will provide 440.000 Euro in the next kindergarten year, [...]

Try free games in Lowick

Bocholt (PID) - In the meantime, it has become a good tradition. After the successes of previous years, the 8 finds. Bocholter Spieletag for small and big game enthusiasts of 0-99 years on Sunday, 24. November 2019, by 11-17 clock in the St. Bernhard School (formerly Thonhausen School) Bocholt-Lowick, Thonhausenstr. 30, instead. The participation in the game day is free of charge. Families with [...]

Juana Bleker re-elected as chairman of the businesswomen in craft (UFH)

Within the framework of the general meeting of the entrepreneur women in the handicraft circle Borken registered association are on Thursday, the 14. November, the board members have been unanimously re-elected. Bocholt's Juana Bleker will be the 1 for the next three years. Chair, Tatjana Lanvermann from Marbeck the 2. Chairmanship. The management is continued by Ina Volmer from Gescher. Secretary remains Elisabeth [...]

For persistent disturbance of the peace: Police ensure music system

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Friday, the police were reported to a disturbance of the peace shortly after midnight. The police exhorted the person in charge, an 28-year-old Bocholter, to rest. This one stated that he also had to comply. Approximately 20 Minutes later, the opposite had occurred, the music volume had been increased again. The 28 year old and his [...]

YOUNG UNI in Bocholt: On tour with the Bocholt night watchman

Bocholt (PID). Go exploring with the Bocholt night watchman, train your own imagination, learn first aid, build VR glasses, draw, do handicrafts and more: The JUNGE UNI in Bocholt again offers exciting courses for children between 6-18 years. Registrations are possible on the homepage (Attention: limited place number). Telephone inquiries under 02871 953-698 or 02871 2522-16. The […]

Further education "New in school social work"

Borken County. School social workers from the county, who started this year in the field of work, were now invited by the education office of the district Borken to a two-day advanced training. They work at elementary, secondary, comprehensive, special schools and high schools. Most of these jobs have been re-established, as school social work is becoming increasingly important [...]

JU Chairman Behrendt: Equal educational opportunities for all!

Every student must have the same opportunities ?? Regardless of parents and their origins! ??, Lukas Behrendt, chairman of the Young Union (JU) Bocholt, demanded yesterday in the auditorium of the St.-Josef-Gymnasium. Together with him discussed the SPD member of Parliament Frank Müller, the founder of the association Chancenwerk Murat Vural and the school psychologist dr. [...]

Mayor holds to decision: Local Authority now reviewed Council decision to transfer the old fire department to the Ewibo

Mayor holds to decision: Local authority now examines Council decision to transfer the old fire station to the EwiboAfter the city council Bärbel Sauer of the social list Bocholt has turned to the municipal supervision of the district Borken to the Council decision of the 9. It is now in the opinion of the administration. Mayor Peter Nebelo, who has signed the opinion, upholds the Council's decision. "His opinion is nothing new. I therefore keep my complaint upright, "says Bärbel Sauer. Now the local authority will review the Council decision and deal with Sauer's complaint. To the background: "Especially because of the remarks made by Mr. Zöhler in the Council meeting on the 9. October, I consider the execution of the draft resolution for the transfer of the old fire brigade site to the Ewibo legally in total very questionable. All the comments and concerns voiced by Mr Zöhler must, in my view, first of all be subject to a thorough examination, and thus the legality of the decision-making process should be examined. My concern is to avert harm from the city of Bocholt and the citizens. "[...]

Musical journey from Bocholt to China

Bocholt (lwl). The Förderkreis Westfälisches Textilmuseum eV has set up a special program for this year's AdventMatinee. Eight artists - all of them with special reference to the Bocholt textile factory - will be on stage in the spinning mill on Sunday (15.12.) At 11 Uhr. For celebrating, there is the Museum of the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) [...]