Great interest in the action stand for the World AIDS Day in the county house Borken

Borken County. The status of action on the occasion of the World AIDS Day in Borkener Kreishaus received great popularity. Reinhild Wantia, AIDS Coordinator of the district, informed there together with Doris Baron and Antonia Sicking from the district health department. In addition, there were the annual "Aktionsteddys" and the visitors could turn against a small donation on the wheel of fortune. "The interest was very great," rejoiced Reinhild Wantia [...]

Scooter driver injured / motorist flees

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday morning drove a 28 years old scooter driver from Bocholt against 05.55 clock the Alfred Flender road in the direction of industrial park. When he found himself at 50 m in front of the roundabout with the Pannemannstrasse, a car came to meet him partly on his lane. The scooter driver was hit by the car's exterior mirror and slightly injured. [...]

140 planted new trees

Bocholt (PID). 140 trees were planted by the city of Bocholt on Wednesday, 4.12.2019, in the so-called "Kubaai grove" behind the textile museum. Due to the very dry summers of the last two years, many trees had died there and had to be cut down at the beginning of the week. "The fungal infection has already reached the crowns," reported Peter Schlabs from the Department of Civil Engineering, Transport, Urban Green [...]

Midwinter evening at the 27. December 2019 in Lievelde

District Borken / Lievelde. This year's midwinter evening is all about local theater and acting. The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Achterhoek invites you in cooperation with the Dialectkring Achterhook en Liemers, the Kulturkreis Schloss Raesfeld eV and the Kreisheimatpflege Borken. Under the motto "Theater on the 'plate' Lande - amateur theaters and folk theater on both sides of the border" finds [...]

Witnesses wanted for accident in the drive area

Bocholt (ots) - On Wednesday, according to a 21-year Bocholters occurred in the drive-in area of ​​a fast food restaurant on the street "Im Königssch" a traffic accident. The 21-year-old was therefore hit against 14.30 clock as a pedestrian by a car. The car driver then left after a short conversation. The license plate of the car is known. The police […]

Christmas bailout of ESB brings 1.660 Euro

Bocholt (PID). 1.660 Euro was the total amount contributed by 23.11.2019's "record" Christmas Buzz. Waste consultant Petra Tacke handed over the complete revenue on Wednesday to Inge Kunz and Ulrik Störzer from the association "Engagement for People and Rights" (EMRE). "We can use the money very well. Just in time for Christmas, a delivery is at one of our [...]

Cross indispensable for Christian funerals

As the CDU faction clarifies, there will be a cross at funerals in the new mourning hall. According to a different heading in today's issue of Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt many calls have been received by the party. Burkhard Weber, chairman of the CDU parliamentary group, explains: "I can understand the excitement of the citizens of Bocholt very well. Of course, [...]

"Children of the day" decorate Christmas tree in the youth welfare office

Bocholt (PID). A whole horde of day-children with their child-care workers were now bustling around in the foyer of the youth welfare office at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse. Business unit manager Doris Springer had invited together with Vanessa Grzyb, Hannah Eisenbarth and Christiane Schulte to the annual Christmas tree decoration. While the day carers exchanged their coffee and biscuits, the approximately 50 day children aged 10 [...]

No basic fireworks ban on New Year's Eve

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The city can not and will not issue a general fireworks ban on New Year's Eve. The city councilor Daniel Zöhler now announced in the main and finance committee after appropriate examination. However, it would be publicly appeal to the Bocholter to voluntarily renounce Böller in certain areas of the city, it was said. These include the Langenbergpark, [...]

Shoveled early money for the Nordring

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The majority of the main and finance committees yesterday voted in favor of clearing up funds for the Nordring plans and earmarking further funds for 2020. The opportunity was also once again discussed in principle over the planned circumvention for decades. The majority of the Council is still in favor. Even the Free Greens want the [...]

500.000 Euro for new IT in City Hall

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER In the new year, the city administration will receive half a million euros for new computer technology. That had requested CDU and FDP. The Central Committee and the Finance Committee agreed, even if the SPD initially wished for an IT master plan instead of an allocation with the watering can, showing what was needed where and when. The […]