Dance club for the young at heart

Bocholt. A dance club for the generation starting 55 years will take place on Friday, 13. December 2019, held in the gym on St. Josef Square in Bocholt. The event is aimed at people who want to swing the dance leg to the rock'n roll of the 50 years, to the beat of the 60er and pop of the 70 he. The beginning is around [...]

Senior afternoon in "Schiffchen"

Bocholt. Entertaining stories on Bocholter Platt stand on Thursday, 19. December 2019, on the program of the event "Preotkes and Dönkes up'm Naomiddag". The association "Life in the Age" (LiA) invites seniors to chat and clink. Coffee and cake are available at cost price. Start is at 16 clock in the Bocholter restaurant "Schiffchen" on the Uhlandstraße 50. [...]

Forest walk for seniors

Bocholt. Walks in the forest promote health. Forest air, especially in coniferous forests, contains aroma substances whose positive effects on respiration and mood are known. No matter what the season, no matter what the weather - a forest always offers special moods and nature experiences. Gerda Kastein-Posser invites you every Tuesday in the Schüttensteiner forest for guided walks. The next appointment is [...]

ESprechstunde in the city library Bocholt

Bocholt (BIB). For all literature lovers who are interested in reading with an eReader, Katharina Freese from the City Library Bocholt will be offering 12 next Thursday. December 2019, in the Media Center (Room 3) a consultation on "Reading with the e-book". The beginning is at 14: 30 clock. The service is free. In the e-book consultation she will be in [...]

Final at the "Brexit"?

Bocholt (PID). On Tuesday, 17. December 2019, invite the Europe Direct Information Center Bocholt, the German-British Society Bocholt and the European Union Bocholt to an open information and discussion event in the European House Bocholt (Adenauerallee 59). Topics are the parliamentary elections in Great Britain and the question of a possible exit of the country from the European Union (so-called "Brexit"). Beginning [...]

The district administration Borken and its branches are closed "between the years"

Borken County. The county house in Borken and the branches of the district administration in the district are closed "between the years", ie on Friday (27.12.2019) and on Monday (30.12.2019). This also applies to the vehicle registration offices in Ahaus, Bocholt and Borken. On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, all departments of the district administration remain closed. The reason for this is in particular that in [...]

CDU Ortsverband Süd-Ost sets the course for the municipal election 2020

In their last open board meeting, the CDU local association Bocholt South-East nominated its candidates for the city council and district council unanimously. For the electoral district 10 20-year-old Lina Henzen was nominated. The trained technical modeler is deputy secretary of the local association, member of the city association board of the CDU Bocholt and assessor on the board of the Junge Union Bocholt. Focusing on [...]

Rose Bikes founds joint venture in Switzerland

Bicycle specialist Rose Bikes founds a joint venture in Switzerland. Co-shareholders and operational managing directors become two experienced Swiss trade and e-commerce experts. It is planned to set up ten stores in Switzerland within the next four to five years. The flagship store will be opening 2020 in Meilen on the Lake of Zurich this spring. With the online shop the bike brand [...]

Pedelec battery stolen

Bocholt (ots) - Unfortunately, the increase in pedelecs in road traffic is also reflected in the crime. It comes not only to complete thefts of popular and valuable bicycles, but in the past few weeks also repeatedly to thefts of expensive batteries. So also in the time between Saturday, 19.00 clock, and Sunday, 00.30 clock, [...]

After the accident fled

Bocholt (ots) - A nasty surprise was waiting for a car driver in Borken when she returned to her parked car: paint damage to the fender. On the windscreen stuck a piece of paper with personal data. However, the police officers were unable to match the insufficient data. The car stood between 07.00 clock and 16.35 clock on the gravel parking lot of the hospital [...]

A31: Groundbreaking Ceremony for Tank and Resting Facilities Gescher-Hochmoor

More than 140 new parking spaces for trucks will bring on the A31 future relief for freight. NRW Transport Minister Hendrik Wüst, Gernot Deußen, Ministerial Councilor in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and Straßen.NRW branch manager Manfred Ransmann have on Monday, 9. November, with the festive 1.Spatenstich the starting signal for the expansion of the parking lot Gescher-Hochmoor to tank and Rastanlagen [...]