City qualifies reading sponsors

Bocholt (PID). For the fifth time, a workshop on qualifying for reading sponsors will take place on Saturday, February 8, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 16 p.m. in the media center, Hindenburgstrasse 5. Anyone who would like to read out regularly on a voluntary basis in the day care center, primary school or senior citizens' facility in Bocholt can contact the family educational center on tel. 02871 […]

City Councilor Dirk Hendricks leaves the SPD faction and the party

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER City Councilor Dirk Hendricks left the Social Democratic party at the end of the year. At the same time he leaves the SPD faction. The Bocholt now informed the party executive and the mayor. Until the local election on September 13, Hendricks, however, wants to remain in the council and exercise his honorary post without a fraction. With the thought he already […]

First day of action “Bicycle / Pedelec” in the new year

District of Borken (ots) - Cyclists and pedelec cyclists in the district of Borken have a comparatively high risk of accidents. Again and again there are serious consequences for those affected, unfortunately it often happens to children. The district police authority Borken wants to counteract this development: With additional regular actions on certain days, it focuses on the number […]

TSV dancers celebrate six victories in six starts

Last weekend, the dancers of the TSV Bocholt Dance Sports Guard started at the 60th Grenzlandturnier in Düren. The Bocholters returned home with an unbelievable overall result on late Sunday evening. The youth started on Saturday (age group 6-10 years). The discipline "female guard" is a little bit the "problem child" of the dance sport guard in this session […]

NABU counters JU and demands Nordpark instead of Nordring

"Bocholt does not need more roads, but more climate protection!": That's what Rudolf Souilljee and Michael Kempkes from the NABU district association Borken say. He is responding to a statement by the Junge Union, which recently described the Nordring project as essential for Bocholt's future. Not all projects should be unconditionally subordinated to climate protection, said the chairman of the JU, Lukas […]