Master the everyday life of women

The first course in cooperation with the equal opportunities officer is scheduled to start on January 15.01.2020, 18. The imaginative name â € œLOOVANZâ € - the resilience training program for adult women over XNUMX â € œan introduction to an effective thinking model. Women are opening up new ways of making everyday life more relaxed. Work, family, children, household demands a lot from a woman. Often your own wishes are […]

Liebfrauenkirchturm is being extensively renovated

The plans to renovate the Liebfrauenkirchturm have been completed. The work, which will take several months, can begin in the third calendar week of 2020, according to the Facebook page of the Liebfrauen community. First, the church tower is completely scaffolded. In addition to the renewal of the slate roof, the railing on the outer circumference of the tower (below the church clock) is being revised, the […]

Inspection day: Police detect 197 violations by cyclists and pedelec riders

Keis Borken (ots) - On Tuesday, the police carried out focus checks to increase traffic safety and reduce the number of accidents with injuries. The focus was on cyclists and pedelec riders. The officials found 197 violations by cyclists and pedelec riders. 17 had used the mobile phone while driving, this reckless and dangerous behavior was consistently controlled by the […]

Unknown robbery 17-year-old bike, headphones and cash

Bocholt (ots) - On Tuesday evening, a 17-year-old Bocholter was on his bike on Uhlandstrasse at 19.30 p.m. At the motorhome park he was approached by two people, one of whom he was briefly familiar with. One of the perpetrators shook hands with the 17-year-old, apparently as a greeting, and then suddenly hit him with the other […]

Best view for the domestic craft

The business owners in the handicrafts of the Chamber District of Münster are in an excellent mood, even though the zenith of the economic high has been exceeded. However, the growth curve is still very high, ”is how Chamber of Commerce President Hans Hund and Managing Director Thomas Banasiewicz sum up the situation at the end of the year. The view of the future is characterized by optimism. The companies expect […]

Continuing education in the area of ​​senior care

Bocholt. The job market for household-related services for seniors, in senior institutions and in assisted living offers good employment opportunities for job seekers. On February 17, 2020, a qualification in this sector begins, the focus of which is on the professional care of people with dementia. This is communicated by the "Life in old age" association that organizes the training. The measure offers “clear […]

Event program "Woman and Job 2020" published

Borken district. Getting back into work after the family phase is not always easy. Many women have doubts that they cannot live up to the expectations that today's working world places on them. But even those who want to develop personally and professionally often have many questions. This is exactly where the Working Group of Equal Opportunities Officers in the district […]