Rioter flicks cigarette into police car

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Saturday, police officers were on Ravardistrasse at around 04.20:26 p.m. because of a physical injury offense. The officials were suddenly exposed to the aggressive behavior of a XNUMX-year-old from Bocholt, who had nothing to do with the facts and nevertheless interfered. He was given a dismissal for the inner city area. Threatening […]

Pedelec rider falls badly

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Sunday, a 63-year-old pedelec rider from Bocholt was injured in a fall on Winterwijker Straße. Around midnight she was on the bike path towards Barloer Weg, got into a rain gutter with her front wheel, slipped away and fell to the ground. Rescue workers brought the Bocholt woman with an ambulance […]

Accident escape on Breslauer Strasse

Bocholt (ots) - A previously unknown driver damaged a parked small car in a school car park on Breslauer Strasse. The white Ford Fiesta was damaged there between Friday, 11.45 a.m. and Saturday, 09.00 a.m., on the right front fender and on the bonnet. There was property damage amounting to around 1.000 euros. The […]

A seriously injured man after a gas bottle explosion

Hamminkeln (ots) - When trying to connect a gas bottle to a stove, a gas explosion occurred in a garden shed on a camping site in Hamminkeln on Sunday, 02.02.2020 at around 12:25 p.m., causing an 83-year-old man from Hamminkeln to get heavy was injured. Due to burns after an initial treatment in the nearby hospital, the victim was rescued with a rescue helicopter […]

Volleyball school teams of the Mariengymnasium in the state finals

On January 30.01.2020, 18.3.2020, the two volleyball school teams of the Mariengymnasium (competition classes II and III of the boys) played in the Euregio-Halle at the district championship of the government district of Münster also for the entry into the state finals. And this very successfully! As the new district champion, the Marien school team of competition class II will travel to Marl on March XNUMX, XNUMX, where the boys' national finals will take place. The Bocholt won […]

1. FC starts ticket sales for the cup game against Oberhausen

The ticket sale for the cup cracker against the regional league Rot-Weiß Oberhausen has started. The quarterfinals of the Reviersport-Niederrheinpokal will be held on March 04th at 19:30 p.m. in the local Gigaset Arena. The price scale for the game is as follows: Full paying 10 euros, reduced 5 euros (entitled: children aged 6 to 13 years, severely disabled, […]