Kerkhoff is now officially a candidate for mayor of the CDU

From BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Thomas Kerkhoff wants to become Mayor # forBocholt in exactly 221 days. To this end, the current 38-year-old mayor of Gescher used this hashtag term several times at the CDU's nomination party conference in Rose Biketown. In a 50-minute speech, the now official candidate of the Union and the FDP spoke clearly for the Nordring, for a […]

Bocholter Investor plans new building complex on the Andrea Moden site

New plans for the Andrea Moden site on Dinxperloer Straße. As is well known, Lidl originally wanted to build a branch there. Administration and politics were against it. Now the Bocholter Plan3 Wohnbau GmbH & Co. KG would like two residential buildings and an upstream residential and commercial building into which a beverage market is to move, as well as above-ground and […]

Supervision right: duties, rights and obligations of voluntary supervisors

Bocholt (PID). What are the tasks, rights and obligations of people who act as volunteers or as agents for others? Where can you get support? These questions are asked by many volunteers who are responsible for medical, occupational and social rehabilitation in the field of health care representation. Answers to this are given by a free training session on Monday, […]

Because of black ice: two people seriously injured and nine slightly injured

Because of the weather-related slickness, 27 traffic accidents occurred on the streets of the district of Borken on Wednesday morning. A 79-year-old cyclist suffered serious injuries in a fall on Werther Straße (K5) in Isselburg, as well as a 14-year-old cyclist on Winterswijker Straße in Vreden. A total of five cyclists who had fallen were injured slightly. In Bocholt on the […]

Car first drives against pump box and then away

Bocholt (ots) - A stranger has caused property damage of around 4.000 euros in Bocholt-Mussum after an accident. The polluter hit his car against a pump box on Loikumer Weg. The stranger moved away without fulfilling his legal duties. The incident occurred between Monday, 12.00 noon, and Wednesday, 08.00 am […]

Because of construction site: Rosenmontagszug pulls through Osterstraße

The Bocholt Rose Monday procession will exceptionally move through Osterstraße this year. The train route had to be adjusted because this year the Königstrasse will not be passable for safety reasons due to a construction site for the large wagons with accompanying persons. Coming from the market place, the train will now move through the pedestrian zone of Osterstraße and at the end […]

15 accidents due to ice on this morning

As a result of ice, there were at least 15 accidents on Wednesday morning in the Borken district. This includes numerous fallen cyclists who have sustained injuries. Fortunately, a large number only caused property damage. Further accident recordings are currently underway. The police urgently appeal to adapt the driving style to the weather conditions.

Escape from leveling leads to creative teams

Creativity and finding solutions is an important component in companies - and the basis of every innovation is ideas. That different personalities have to come together in a team to develop the best ideas is a thesis from a technical contribution by Tobias Fastenrath, innovation manager and association engineer at the entrepreneurs' association. "Paying attention to the heterogeneous composition of teams increases the […]