Integer, citizen-friendly, assertive: How voters imagine the Mayor of choice ...

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Does a mayor have to be an administrative professional or not? This question does not only split the Bocholt Greens. A third of the party members, the mayor candidate Monika Ludwig, recently refused to approve the nomination because, above all, they questioned their legal qualifications (we reported). Meanwhile, Mohnheim Mayor Daniel Zimmermann […]

75 years of freedom: Princess Margriet opens exhibition in Aalten

High-ranking visitor to Aalten: HRH Princess Margriet of the Netherlands opened the exhibition “Child of Freedom” at the National “Onderduikmuseum” on April 3, which commemorates the people who went underground during the German occupation and the resistance. The exhibition is dedicated to the stories of children who have experienced that freedom cannot be taken for granted. Stories from […]

Bocholt participates in the "One Billion Rising" campaign

Bocholt (PID). Next Friday is Valentine's Day. A billion women worldwide will then take part in the “One Billion Rising” campaign. In more than 130 German cities, women are calling for an end to male violence. Bocholt also takes part in the campaign. Bocholt's Equal Opportunity Officer Astrid Schupp calls for women's rights to be strengthened. The Federal Working Group (BAG) of municipal women's offices […]

IT experts: Hackers often have an easy job

Bocholt. - “Companies are now taking the threat of hackers and data theft very seriously. Many know that they have to do more for data security. ”For Sven Wolf, Team Leader Corporate Promotion at the IHK Nord Westfalen, it was no surprise that the event“ IT Security and Cyber ​​Attacks ”had been held at the Boomers dealership yesterday (February 11) was fully booked before. [...]

District Administrator promotes protection of minors in the carnival

Borken district. The time has come again: Carnival is celebrated in the towns and municipalities of Westmünsterland: colorful costumes, camels and party moods - the carnivalists will be out and about. Many carnival associations in Westmünsterland and the district of Borken attach great importance to the fact that special attention is paid to the protection of minors when celebrating and moving. In 2017 […]

Prince couples from Bocholt, Isselburg and Rhede at the Foolish Landtag 2020

At the invitation of the Member of the State Parliament and Minister for Transport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia Hendrik Wüst, Prince Fred l. with Princess Nicole l. accompanied by court marshal Ludger Thesing and Reinhold Kampshoff from Bocholt and Prince Thomas II with Princess Kerstin I from Rhede. The Prince couple from Isselburg with Prince Matthias I and Princess Stephanie […]

Digital conference hub: contact münsterLAND in Bocholt

The digital conference Hub: Kontakt münsterLAND will take place on April 1st at Bocholt. The guests can expect lectures from Thorsten Heckrath-Rose, among others, about current developments in the e-commerce market and the radical digital transformation of ROSE bikes (which according to Handelsblatt are on the way to “Google for bicycles”!). In the subsequent discussion about the challenges of digital transformation for companies […]

After burglary: suspect hides in pond

Klein Reken. The water was literally up to his neck: When police officers searched for burglars in Klein Reken on Monday night, a suspect was hiding in a pond. It was of no use to him - the officials discovered the 28-year-old and arrested the completely soaked man. Previously, a small [...]

Chamber of Crafts President Hans Hund turns 70

The President of the Chamber of Crafts (HWK) in Münster and the West German Chamber of Crafts (WHKT), master refrigeration engineer and electrical engineer from Bocholt, Hans Hund, will be turning 12 on February 70. The HWK and WHKT board colleagues congratulate on this, the President of the HWK Dortmund, Berthold Schröder, the Vice President of the Employees at the HWK Aachen, Felix Kendziora, and the General Manager of the WHKT, Matthias Heidmeier. [...]