The number of infected people increased by 32 since yesterday

The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the district of Borken is currently (March 31.03.2020, 16.30, 480:448 p.m.) 103 (yesterday 80). 78 people (XNUMX yesterday) are now healthy. Unfortunately, seven people died in connection with a corona infection: In addition to the death of a seriously ill XNUMX-year-old patient from Bocholt, reported this morning, yesterday evening […]

Updated Corona Protection Ordinance comes into force

Bocholt (PID). An updated Corona Protection Ordinance will enter into force on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. This is announced by the Public Order Department. Minor changes, additions and clarifications have been made in some places, especially for health professions. The catalog of fines has also been adjusted. The current Corona Protection Ordinance and the catalog of fines can be viewed at Traders and private individuals, […]

Historic photo of the month: Pastor Stephan Jürgens

Bocholt (PID). Pastor Stephan Jürgens died at the age of 78 on the morning of April 24, 1935, who worked for four decades in the parish of St. Josef and in the dean's office in Bocholt. “All his priestly love, vitality and work belonged to his congregation, for which he still had holy one day before his death. Offered sacrifices ”, […]

New forms of burial in the Blucherstraße cemetery

Bocholt (PID). The city of Bocholt will offer new forms of burial from April 1, 2020. The new forms of grave include maintenance-free election graves, and burial in the quiet garden, funeral grove or rose garden is also possible. The cemetery administration takes care of the grave for all new forms of grave. Nationwide there is a change in cemetery culture. Alternative forms of burial such as burials of […]

Now a district health care facility is also coming to the Europahaus

Borken district. The health and care area in the district of Borken is faced with very special challenges in view of the increasing number of people infected with coronavirus. For District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and the crisis team of the Borken district therefore have top priority to support and supplement the existing care structures in the interest of health protection for the entire population. One among all involved […]

NRW competition “Schönstes Rathaus”: Bocholt ranks 7th

Bocholt (PID). Seventh out of 74 participants, the city of Bocholt, which sent the historic town hall in the race for the “most beautiful town hall in NRW”, is more than satisfied. “The placement shows that I identify the people of Bocholt with their town hall. And we even left Münster with the historic town hall behind us ”, said a happy […]

Energy advice possible despite Corona

Bocholt (PID). Home owners and owners can have an energy check carried out on their property despite the corona crisis. The city administration offers the service in cooperation with the Low Energy Institute Detmold (NEI) in a modified form. Necessary data are first filled out using a questionnaire, then the specialist advises by phone. Registration The service costs 100 euros. Registrations under […]

The absence of nursing aids from Eastern Europe puts many families in trouble

By BIANCA MÜMKEN Many people in Bocholt are very concerned about their relatives. Reason: there are not enough nursing staff. And it doesn't get any better. Many Eastern European nurses cannot or do not want to come through the corona virus. And the regular nursing services lack staff. "We already have a lot of orders and foster homes and the number is increasing. […]

Residence permit remains valid

Due to the corona pandemic, the immigration office of the city of Bocholt can only be reached in urgent cases after registration. The Bocholter newspapers report, citing the city administration. After that, a residence permit cannot currently be extended and a certificate of this cannot be picked up. This means that a residence permit that has actually expired remains valid. Also residence permits […]

As a precaution, hospitals in Westmünsterland are looking for volunteers

At the moment and also in the coming weeks, the spread of the coronavirus will affect all employees in the Westmünsterland Clinic to an unprecedented extent. Additional support is therefore very welcome during this time. The Klinikum Westmünsterland is looking for volunteers, both with and without previous medical knowledge, to work at the various hospital locations in Ahaus, Bocholt, Borken, […]

77 people in Bocholt are currently infected with Corona

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the district of Borken is currently (March 30.03.2020, 16.30, 448:438 p.m.) 80 (yesterday 75). 363 people (358 yesterday) are now healthy. Unfortunately, five people died. Currently, XNUMX people (yesterday XNUMX) are infected in the district. With a view to the individual municipalities in the district area […]

Büngern-Technik develop new offers for employees

In times of the corona virus pandemic, the social service employees of Büngern-Technik want to support “their” employees remotely. Anyone who has concerns about people with disabilities or their relatives, needs information or even needs someone to speak against boredom is welcome to call. The contact persons at the locations are: Büngern location: Doris Dröge (02872 9288-141 location […]

Drunk driver steals balls at a golf course

Isselburg (ots) - Intoxicated at the wheel, no driver's license and stolen goods and burglary tools inside the car: A lot came together on Sunday for a 48-year-old driver from Voerde. Witnesses had informed the police about 17.00:XNUMX p.m. because they suspected the man in the parking lot of a sports area at the castle in Isselburg-Anholt. The officers stopped the car […]

Red Cross trains 13 new nurses for the elderly

Bocholt / Kreis Borken (drk-press). The aspiring geriatric nurses and the lecturers of the educational institute for health professions at the Red Cross in the district of Borken had imagined this differently: Instead of preparing together in the class association for the oral geriatric care exam in the class association, trainees and lecturers have been sitting in the home office since mid-March their PCs and telephones and worked on tasks. […]