Burning straw warehouse in Barlo leads to large-scale use by the fire brigade

A burning straw warehouse just before the border in Barlo led to a major fire brigade operation and siren alarm this evening. More than a dozen emergency vehicles were deployed. Winterswijker Strasse was completely closed for the duration of the fire-fighting work. By loading the post you accept the privacy policy of Facebook.Learn more Load post Facebook posts always […]

Bocholt's administration will gradually open to the public again next week

Bocholt (PID). Against the background of the corona pandemic, the Bocholt city administration could only offer limited citizen service during the nationwide shutdown in the past few weeks. Large areas and service points will gradually open to the public again next week. The offices and buildings were examined together with experts for safety and occupational safety and then prepared to prevent contagion [...]

“Finally” light between songs and Lowick

"Finally," says the Bocholt FDP. She is pleased that the bike and school path on Werther Strasse between Liedern and Lowick is illuminated. The first lamp poles are already in place. "This finally closes the security gap and schoolchildren and commuters will no longer have to cycle in the dark there in the future," writes Group Chairman Burkhard Henneken in a press release. The liberal […]

The car that was hit was gone

Bocholt (ots) - The police are looking for the second person involved in an accident in Bocholt. The event happened on Thursday at 09.55:XNUMX a.m. in a parking lot in front of the city museum on Osterstrasse. A Bocholt woman had bumped into a blue Volvo standing there. The driver initially moved away from the scene of the accident and returned to […]

Cyclist injured in collision

Bocholt (ots) - A 24-year-old cyclist suffered minor injuries in an accident in Bocholt on Wednesday. The Weselerin was traveling around 20.10 p.m. on the bike path on Karolingerstrasse towards Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse. When she wanted to cross the Friesenstrasse junction, she collided with a 31-year-old's bike. The Bocholt woman had from […]

Aalten Mayor asks Germans: stay at home!

Mayor Stapelkamp from the municipality of Aalten once again addresses the residents of neighboring German communities outside Suderwick with an urgent appeal: “Please do not go to the Netherlands for shopping or to the weekly market in Dinxperlo. In this way you help us and others to stay healthy! ”The residents of Dinxperlo and Suderwick can continue to […]

City history: From the "Maienthal" restoration (1868-1920)

Bocholt (PID). Anyone who leaves the city of Bocholt to the west today will reach the residential and business district with residential townhouses, nostalgic residential buildings and tower houses that arose a few years ago on Werther Strasse. There, on the corner of the plot of Hammersenstrasse (formerly Kettenstrasse), the "Maienthal" restoration was in the midst of a rural idyll. A […]

Event with Tobias Mann postponed

And one more appointment falls victim to the Corona crisis. The stage pepperoni appointment for Tobias Mann is postponed to Saturday, April 17.04.2021th, XNUMX. Same place, same time. The cards remain valid. We ask you, if possible, not to return your cards.

The number of corona patients is approaching zero

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the district of Borken is currently 881. 723 people have since recovered. 36 people died in connection with a coronavirus infection. 122 people are currently infected in the district. The latest information and figures from the towns and municipalities of the district of Borken are in […]

FietsenBuses on the road again tomorrow

Borken district. Finally sniff the fresh spring wind and start cycling again. Plan certain routes or spontaneously hop on a FietsenBus and take a break. Even though most of the events planned in the cities and municipalities have been canceled at the moment, the varied nature and landscape in the Münsterland offers beautiful cycling experiences. A FietsenBus excursion makes it possible to [...]

May XNUMXst: Excursion yes - but with discipline

Bocholt (PID). Tomorrow Friday is May 1st, traditionally a day for trips into the countryside and bike tours with friends and acquaintances. In the sign of the corona pandemic, however, special rules and prohibitions apply. The Bocholt city administration would like to particularly raise the awareness of the Bocholt citizens. Excursions for two or in the closest family circle or with your own household […]