Number of corona infections increased to 525 in the entire district

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the district of Borken is currently (April 01.04.2020, 16.30, 525:480 p.m.) 150 (yesterday 103). 78 people (yesterday XNUMX) are now healthy. Unfortunately, eight people have died in connection with a corona infection. The district health office has received a new report on this since the last press release: A XNUMX-year-old Rhederin […]

Manuel Jara resigned from 1. FC Bocholt

1. FC Bocholt and head coach Manuel Jara go their separate ways. Jara informed the club on Wednesday morning that he would resign from his office with immediate effect. “After we had worked through almost all of the personnel decisions for the new season, I was able to use the suddenly free time to intensively review the events in this […]

Firefighters say goodbye to Norbert Hiebing

For the last time, Norbert Hiebing is on duty at the fire and rescue station and has gone to the well-deserved pension. Norbert has worked as a professional firefighter at the city of Bocholt since February 01.02.1992st, 1974. He had been active in the volunteer fire department since XNUMX. Unfortunately, the farewell could not be carried out as solemnly due to the corona situation […]

Münsterland Festival goes viral: “No concert of superlatives”

The corona pandemic and its effects hit the diverse cultural scene of the Münsterland particularly hard: concerts and performances are canceled, facilities are closed, people show solidarity by staying at home. The Münsterland Festival also suffers with the many affected actors - and therefore wants to set an example. On May 3, 2020, the festival organizers of Münsterland eV therefore invite […]

Tax offices, municipal utilities and also municipalities announce deferrals in the crisis team

Borken district. At the invitation of District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker will meet the “Business Crisis Staff” for the first time today (March 31.03.2020, 25) - but in a figurative sense, because the participants held a video conference with around XNUMX people. Representatives of business development agencies, municipalities, employment agency, business associations, chambers, unions, banks and savings banks, agriculture, tax offices, municipal utilities […]

Unemployment fell in March

Borken district. The number of SGB-II unemployed in the Borken district fell in March 2020. The “Job Center in the District of Borken” shows a total of 4.270 employable beneficiaries for the month who are registered as unemployed. Compared to the previous month of February, the number of SGB-II unemployed is thus 77 persons lower and by 50 persons compared to the previous month. […]

Contract for “Ibena Green Campus” under one roof

Bocholt (PID). On March 31, 2020, Bocholt's city planning officer Daniel Zöhler and the managing directors of LIST Develop Residential, Alexander Micheel and Raoul P. Schmid, have concluded the urban development contract for the so-called Ibena Green Campus in the Kubaai * area. It is now bindingly regulated what the different buildings as well as the private and public paths and outdoor facilities actually look like […]

Libraries expand access to electronic media

Borken district. Libraries are always good points of contact when it comes to suggestions when looking for new reading material. In the wake of the Corona crisis, however, all libraries in the Borken district had to close temporarily. Nevertheless, nobody needs to do without books, magazines, audio books, games and other services: Many libraries are currently increasingly offering digital content. In a circle […]