Good Shepherd Corona Case

Bocholt. A Corona case has occurred in the Good Shepherd Bocholt. A resident of the geriatric care facility tested positive for the novel corona virus. His family doctor had taken the smear. "It is an 88-year-old man. He lives in a single room and shows only mild symptoms, ”reports home manager Johannes Tepasse,“ In consultation with the district health office and the WTG authority […]

If only the postman came by ...

The postcards that Inge Bihn has on her desk are colorful and often have encouraging sayings. Throughout the week, Inge Bihn has been writing postcards with personal greetings for the senior citizens who otherwise visit them and their employees at home or who visit the open offers. "For most of the elderly, [...]

Flute music makes seniors sing

A garden concert of a very special kind was held yesterday for the second time in front of the windows of the Jeanette Wolff Center in Bocholt. Music school teacher Hetty Rebelsky Lau came up with the idea. After prior consultation with the head of the music school, Claudia Borgers, the music school teacher positioned herself in four different areas of the retirement home and played melodies on her flute. The […]

94-year-old Corona patient from Heiden dies in the Bocholt hospital

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the Borken district is currently (03.04.2020, 16.30 p.m.) 609 (yesterday 566). 198 people (yesterday 179) are now healthy. Unfortunately, nine people have now died in connection with a coronavirus infection. The district health office has received a new report today: A 94-year-old Heidenerin who was previously ill was on […]

“Wrong police officers” harass older people on the phone

Sometimes there were allegedly arrests nearby, sometimes a suspect was fleeting, sometimes the callers asked directly for valuables: in small variations, the fraudsters always tell the same story to their potential victims - they pretend to be police officers who supposedly pretend to be called Want to preserve worse while only doing evil in the […]

First use of the Corona care team

The social center moved out for the first time with the new Corona team. A corona sufferer was released from the hospital into quarantine at home, but needs nursing care. The Corona team is now helping. From the perspective of nursing services Britta Twyhues, the first assignment went very well. A good two weeks ago, she and her colleague, Heike Schüling, had been the nursing director of […]

# runsinbocholt - We keep running, ALONE!

Bocholt (PID). "We continue to run," say Markus Schürbüscher and Ullrich Kuhlmann from the team organizing the Bocholt City Run and the Bocholt Half Marathon. As is well known, the city run must be canceled on May 2.5.2020nd, 1. Now there is an alternative with a sporting challenge. “Run your own distance over 10 km at any time in the first week of May (May 2020-2,5, XNUMX), […]