Three corona dead in one day

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the corona virus in the district of Borken is currently (04.04.2020, 16.30 p.m.) 650 (yesterday 609). 218 people (yesterday 198) are now healthy. Unfortunately, twelve people have meanwhile died in connection with a coronavirus infection. The number of deaths has thus increased by three: an 86-year-old and a 76-year-old […]

Strangers stop 13-year-olds and demand money

Two strangers asked for money from a 13-year-old in Bocholt on Wednesday. At around 18.00:XNUMX p.m., the teenager cycled on the Holunderweg in the direction of Böggeringstrasse, when the two perpetrators stood in his way at a kindergarten located there. According to him, they asked for money; one of the two held him when he […]

“District health care facility” is created in the Bocholt “Europahaus”

The organizational and technical preparations for the start of the "district health care facility" (KKE) planned in the "Europahaus" in Bocholt have largely been completed. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker and District Order Director Dr. Elisabeth Schwenzow, Jürgen Rave (crisis manager and head of the emergency services) and Leonard Pliete (deputy district red cross leader) from the DRK district association, which is closely involved in the development and future operation of the aid organization, as well as […]

Diocese extends Corona measures until May 1st

Since the federal government and the state governments will only determine the further course of action to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Easter week, the diocese of Münster has extended currently applicable measures until May 1. Vicar General Dr. Klaus Winterkamp sent an email to employees and congregations on April 2. One must “continue on […]