New breakfast and beer garden on Ravardistrasse

The "Tagwerk" on Ravardistrasse gets a breakfast and beer garden. The flat, one-story extension between the Winkel shop and the cafe was demolished. As operator Matthias Paschold explained to Made in Bocholt, the outdoor space gained in this way is operated from morning to evening. A soundproofing is installed towards the rear towards the senior citizens' facility. In four meters […]

A good idea is complicated

A commentary on BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER's CDU and FDP application Wow! Maybe that's a session template. The “strategic concept to support local economic sectors”, now presented by the CDU and FDP factions, is seven pages long and full of legal terms. There is talk of the principle of double subordination and the internal criteria, of the principle of form […]

Kämmerer Elsweier switches to the Märkisch district

Treasurer Kai Elsweier leaves Bocholt. He becomes chamberlain of the Märkischer Kreis. This is reported by the BBV in today's issue. He will take up the new position on September 15. According to a call for tenders in the academics internet portal, which is endowed with grade B2, it is financially noticeably more attractive than the current task in Bocholt.

IHK Vice President demands: "Shopping in the city again"

The IHK Nord Westfalen sees itself confirmed by the HDE survey on the economic situation of the retail trade published today (May 29): "The situation in the retail trade is far more dramatic than large parts in politics and society can imagine," emphasizes Michael Radau, IHK Vice President and Chairman of the Trade Committee of the IHK Nord Westfalen, whose district the Münsterland and the […]

Starting signal for grandstand construction on Hünting

The grandstand construction starts at Hünting. The Schöttler company has started to demolish the old facility, which was built in 2013 to replace the former grandstand. This work is expected to continue until the end of this week. The standing steps are torn down, the earth wall partially removed and the surfaces for the foundations are compacted again. Afterwards […]

Overlooked pedelec when turning

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec rider suffered minor injuries in an accident in Bocholt on Thursday. A 22-year-old driver had been driving towards Adenauerallee towards the city center at 12.15 p.m. When she wanted to turn right into Herzogstraße, the Bocholterin overlooked a 45-year-old on a pedelec: The Bocholterin had the […]

Pedelec driver caught by car

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec rider crashed into a car in Bocholt on Thursday. The accident occurred on Lönsstraße at around 12.55 p.m .: A 58-year-old Rhedensian woman rode the pedestrian and cycle path on Münsterstraße in the direction of Rhede with her pedelec. According to initial knowledge, she crossed the Lönsstraße, although the traffic lights there for […]

Parked cars damaged

A stranger left a damage of around 2.000 euros on Thursday in Bocholt-Mussum after an accident. The damaged black painted Mercedes had stood in the parking lot of a shop on the Raiffeisenring during the morning. The polluter had left without fulfilling his legal obligations. The police are asking for clues […]

NRW State Fund “Modern Sports Venues 2022”

The Stadt-Sport-Verband Bocholt has been working intensively for a few months on how the funds from the NRW state fund “Modern Sports Venues 2022” can be distributed to the Bocholt sports clubs. We thank our member associations for their great interest in the funding opportunities. 18 associations - and thus around 1/3 of our members - are planning investments of more [...] for 45 projects

Because of construction site: Sprinter takes a different route, less often and longer

The passengers of the SprinterBus line S75 will be affected by significant changes in the coming weeks: Due to a road block on the B67n between Reken and Dülmen-Merfeld, the journey time will be longer, stops will have to be relocated and trips will be canceled. The Straßen.NRW regional branch in Münsterland is renovating the B67 and the L600 between the Reken junction and the K48, Coesfeld-Lette junction (Bruchstraße). The […]

More than 500 passports and ID cards are waiting to be picked up

300 ID cards and around 250 passports are waiting to be picked up by their owners in the citizens' office. "Almost all of the ID cards were applied for before the corona crisis," says Norbert Olbing from the Public Order Department. Appointments via 02871 953-400 are currently mandatory, as is the mask requirement. The old passport or ID must of course also be brought. Thereon […]

SPD banishes its parliamentary leader to an unlikely list place

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The comrades have clearly made a ship. In the nomination of the candidates for the municipal election tonight, your delegates set a deadline for the ongoing dispute within the SPD parliamentary group in the council on September 13, 2020 and the controversial social democratic veterans Peter Wiegel and his supporter Ruth Rümping in places 17 and 16 respectively [ …]

Ludger Triphaus turns 70

Bocholt (eads-press). He worked in administration all his life, but was never an administrator. He was and is a doer. This Thursday, May 28th, he is forced to do nothing because of Corona. Ludger Triphaus turns 70. In 2018 he left the service of the Bocholt city administration, for which he last worked for many years as treasurer […]