City hall renovation has already been delayed by six months

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The renovation of the town hall is expected to be delayed by another six months. The reason is problems with the planner for the technical building equipment and building services. According to the administration, its elaborations had so many shortcomings that the city has now canceled the contract and is looking for a new planner. This also allows the cost estimates […]

Drive & Live - classic in the drive-in cinema

Bark. With a high-caliber cast and an extensive program, the world's first drive-in classic festival will start in the Münsterland district town of Borken on May 15th. "Drive & Live - Classic in the drive-in cinema" is the current format of the "music: landscape westphalia" to make a piece of stage culture come alive for fans of classical music in corona times. "We give the artists […]