Long-term care funds can also be used for voluntary neighborhood help

Borken district. Fortunately, against the background of the corona pandemic, there are, fortunately, numerous initiatives in the towns and municipalities in the Borken district that offer voluntary help to the neighborhood. For the more than 11 people in need of care who are cared for at home in the district, the volunteers could receive an expense allowance of 000 euros from funds […]

Bocholt's mayor Bernhard Demming is dead

Bocholt's mayor Bernhard Demming is dead. The master craftsman and CDU politician died on Sunday at the age of 89. In a report by the Bocholter CDU on his 80th birthday it says: “For decades Demming had volunteered for the welfare of the city and its citizens in an unselfish manner. After 38 years in the Council, he continued his […]

In business penetrated

Bocholt (ots) - Burglars stole a cash cassette with cash from a shop in Bocholt on Wednesday night. The perpetrators had pried open a side door to get into the building on the street Markt. Inside, the strangers searched cupboards and drawers. The police asked for information to the Kripo in Bocholt at […]

Touched when turning

Bocholt (ots) - The second party involved in a traffic accident is looking for the police after an accident in Bocholt-Mussum. According to an 18-year-old driver, this happened on Beethovenstrasse at 19.20:XNUMX p.m. The Bocholter explained that he had turned right into Grüner Weg and touched an oncoming car at a narrow point. Thereby […]

Business break purely digital for the first time

The corona pandemic also requires new approaches for the long-term business break between the Bocholt business development agency and the business association. For the first time as a digital exchange, this will take place on Thursday, May 28, 2020, from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. as a video conference. This premiere primarily serves the exchange of information about your own situation - and, if necessary, solution strategies - as well as questions from entrepreneurs […]

Online survey on wind energy in the district of Borken

Bocholt (PID). Eleven students from the University of Police and Public Administration (HSPV) in Münster, including students from the city of Bocholt, are currently working on a project with the district of Borken and accompanied by a lecturer on the topic "Climate protection needs green electricity - organization and structure of wind energy projects in the Kreis Borken ”. The energy transition is a central social […]

Motorcyclist crashes on road surface

Bocholt (ots) - A motorcyclist suffered minor injuries in an accident on Tuesday in Bocholt. The 19-year-old drove the Welfenstraße towards Teutonenstraße at 16.45 p.m. Shortly before the confluence, he had to brake due to traffic and probably crashed onto the road due to gravel. An ambulance took the Bocholter to a hospital. The damage to property […]

S-Pedelec stolen

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Monday, strangers stole an S-Pedelec in Bocholt. The dark-painted trekking bike from the manufacturer E-Rad Manufaktur had been locked in a garden house on a property on Böggeringstrasse; Information to the Kripo in Bocholt: Tel. (02871) 2990.

Only 101 infected people in the circle

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the district of Borken is currently 900. 762 people have since recovered. Unfortunately, 37 people died in connection with a coronavirus infection. Currently, 101 people are infected in the district. The current information and the figures from the towns and municipalities of the district of Borken are […]

Fishing path blocked

Bocholt (PID). Due to canal construction work, the Fischerweg at the parking lot of the former DJK 97 Bocholt association will be fully blocked from Monday, May 11, 2020, until Friday, June 12, 2020. A diversion will not be set up because of the pure destination traffic. Cyclists and pedestrians can pass the construction site. Residents only till construction site.

City strives for pragmatic solutions for the Ravardi district

Bocholt. At the initiative of the board of ISG Ravardiviertel - Timo Solomo and Matthias Paschold - a future-oriented discussion took place in the city marketing premises together with Ludger Dieckhues as managing director city marketing and Daniel Zöhler as city building council. With the ISEK and the area management 2.0 as well as the new pedestrian guidance system resulting from the latter for the inner city of Bocholt as well as the […]

Nursing network now also informs relatives digitally

The measures to protect residents in the retirement and care centers of the Westmünsterland care network are having an effect. So far, no resident in the senior centers in Ahaus, Borken, Rhede, Stadtlohn and Vreden has been infected with the corona virus. This good location is certainly due to the consistent implementation of the ban on visits. The majority of residents and their relatives […]