Finally beautiful hair again - only on the hygiene requirements, the minds differ

By BIANCA MÜMKEN The hairdressing shops have reopened - to the delight of customers. The appointment books are full. And yet nothing is as before. Above all, the strict hygiene requirements divide the mind. While guild master Yvonne Honerbom reports mostly positive experiences with her customers, Martina Stein, hairdresser from Bocholt, also got to know negative sides. […]

So far 18 positive corona findings in the district of Borken

In the course of today (10.05.2020) further laboratory results have arrived in the Borkener district house, which are related to the infection process at the Coesfeld company Westfleisch. The background to this is that numerous employees of this company, especially foreign contract workers, are accommodated in the Borken district. There were now a total of 18 COVID19 positive results (as of 16:XNUMX p.m.). These are in […]

Stephanus shooters postpone bird shooting until September

status: publish The St. Stephanus shooting club moves its shooting festival from June 11th to 13th to September 5th. He hopes that the restrictions of the Corona Protection Ordinance will no longer apply. He now announced this in a press release. However, it is not yet clear whether celebrations can be celebrated as usual. Possibly the coronation ball and other program items would have to be omitted […]

Burglars pry open the shop door

Bocholt (ots) - Unknowns broke into a store on Europaplatz in Bocholt on Saturday night. The perpetrators had used force to open the front door. The burglars stole a cash drawer and a wallet with papers. The offense is between Friday, 18.30 p.m. and Saturday, 03.30 a.m. The police are asking […]

Pedelec stolen from basement

Bocholt (ots) - Unknowns stole a pedelec from the bicycle cellar of a residential building in Bocholt. The black-painted Gazelle two-wheeler has a value of around 2.500 euros. The perpetrators also had the bike computer of another pedelec go along, which had also been in the house on Mainstrasse. The time of the crime lies between Thursday, April 30.04th, […]

Pedelec and bicycle collide

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec rider suffered minor injuries in an accident in Bocholt on Saturday. The 71-year-old was out on the Dortmunder Straße around 17.25 p.m. When the Bocholterin wanted to turn left into Lübecker Straße, there was a collision with a 24-year-old cyclist: The Bocholter had Lübecker Straße in the direction of Dortmund […]

Door stops

Bocholt (ots) - Burglars failed on Saturday at a door in a residential building on Dinxperloer Strasse: the perpetrators had tried to break them open. The act took place between 15.00 p.m. and 16.30 p.m. The Kripo in Bocholt requests information: Tel. (02871) 2990.

Burglars pry open door

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown perpetrators have entered the living quarters of a house on Weidenstrasse in Bocholt in recent days. The burglars had pried open a door to get in. After initial knowledge, nothing was stolen. The time of the crime lies between 13.00 p.m. on Wednesday and 14.50:02871 p.m. on Saturday. Information to the Kripo in Bocholt: Tel. (2990) XNUMX.

Seven injured in a fire at a campsite in Wesel

Wesel (ots) - On Sunday, May 10.05.2020th, 12 around 20:32 p.m., an unexplained cause led to a fire in the tent of a caravan at a campsite in Wesel. During the inspection of a camping stove, a XNUMX-year-old man from Hünxe was injured by a sudden flash of flame. When trying to extinguish the fire, four people inhaled […]

City party considers corona-related “creative bookkeeping” to be “very questionable”

The city party considers the consideration of the state government to have the financial consequences of the corona crisis for the cities and municipalities over 50 years as a special item, "very questionable". As the chairman Dieter Hübers explained on the website, private-sector companies that dealt with such creative bookkeeping could face criminal consequences. "With balance sheet truth and […]

Westfleisch's wave of infection threatens to spill into the district of Borken

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The new wave of corona infections could spill over from Coesfeld district into Westmünsterland. For the first time in days, the Borkener district administration reports that the number of sick people has increased by almost ten percent. The municipalities Gescher (6 new positive cases) bordering on its eastern neighbors, Ahaus and Borken (1 each) and Legden (2) are particularly affected. If […]