Startup project #Youngstarts Münsterland started

MÜNSTERLAND. Strengthening the start-up intensity in the Münsterland and thereby opening up completely new target groups and potential: these are the goals of the Gründergeist #Youngstarts Münsterland project. By October 2022, the project, with a volume of around EUR 1,16 million, will focus on two important areas in the Münsterland: school and company succession. In response to the restrictions around […]

Purse stolen from handbag

Bocholt (ots) - A wallet, including cash and papers, was captured by a pickpocket in Bocholt on Monday. A 71-year-old woman from Bocholt was in a supermarket on Friesenstrasse between 12.00 noon and 12.30 p.m. when the perpetrator stole her wallet unnoticed. The wallet had been in the woman's handbag. […]

Machine stolen from the shell

Bocholt (ots) - In the past few days, unknown people stole a screed milling machine from a construction site in Bocholt. The Dombo brand, weighing around 100 kilograms, had been chained up on the ground floor of the shell at Neutorplatz. The crime occurred between Thursday 15.30:07.00 p.m. and Monday XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. The police are asking for clues […]

Engraved in car tires

Bocholt (ots) - All four tires of a company car stabbed unknown persons last weekend in Bocholt-Biemenhorst. The vehicle had been parked in front of a shop on Mittelheggenstrasse. The offense is between 14.00:09.15 p.m. on Saturday and 02871:2990 a.m. on Monday. The police are asking for information to the criminal police department in Bocholt on tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

"We continue to run - ALONE": Over 1000 participants in Citylauf-Alternative

Bocholt (PID). The disappointment was initially on many faces when Ullrich Kuhlmann, organizer of the Bocholt City Run, had to cancel the 2020 edition, which was scheduled for May 2, 2020. As creative as Kuhlmann and his counterpart in the organizational team, Markus Schürbüscher, are, an alternative was found relatively quickly. Under the motto “We continue to run - […]