Accident on the Kurfürstenstraße

Bocholt (ots) - Between Friday, 13.00 p.m. and Saturday, 11.45 a.m., a black Ford Fiesta was hit and damaged on Kurfürstenstrasse near Ludgerusstrasse. Despite the damage to property of around 2.000 euros, the person causing the accident had left without fulfilling his duties. Witnesses are asked to contact the Transport Commissioner […]

Rioters landed in police cell

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday, a 33-year-old man who was heavily drunk and reported to Möhnesee mobbed several passers-by in front of the shopping arcades and ran through the flower beds. He was taken into custody by police officers. The 33-year-old insulted the police officers several times, which led to a criminal complaint.

Burglary in Euregio high school

Bocholt (ots) - Between Friday, 15.00 p.m. and Saturday, 17.40 p.m., burglars forced into the music room of the Euregio-Gymnasiuma. They also broke a door to an adjoining room and tried (in vain) on the door to the assembly hall. Nothing was stolen according to the state of investigation so far. The police are looking for witnesses. Notes please […]

Cars willfully damaged

Bocholt (ots) - On the night of Sunday, a resident of Stiftstrasse became aware of voices and suspicious noises at around 00:40 a.m. He checked that everything was right and found that unknown perpetrators had damaged the left side mirrors on two cars. He also saw several young people at the end of the street, who continued to […]

Immediate emergency program: Social list for free bus rides and bicycle laundry against a receipt

Immediate emergency program: Social list for free bus rides and bicycle laundry against a receipt The voter community Social List Bocholt is calling for an immediate emergency program for Bocholt to revitalize the city center, the retail trade and to secure jobs and the existence of the restaurateurs. This includes public transport free rides on city buses, free bicycle laundry against a receipt, purchase vouchers with a city grant, as used by the advertising community […]

Greens call for a holistic digital concept for schools in Bocholt

The Bocholt Greens welcome the council decision to purchase devices from Bocholt pupils, but miss a holistic digital concept for the Bocholt schools. "We have many experienced specialists in our ranks who have developed ideas and concepts specifically for the topic of digitization, which should become part of our future political work in Bocholt," says Monika Ludwig. The […]

City to promote coupon campaign of retail with 250.000 euros

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER After the Bocholt catering trade, retailers are now also demanding financial support from the city to help them cope with the Corona crisis. In a letter to the mayor, the board of directors of the advertising association, according to a BBV report, proposes a voucher campaign subsidized from public funds with 250.000 euros based on the example of the city of Ahaus. There […]

Bürgerstiftung proposes a community beer garden in the Schützenhauspark

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The community foundation suggests opening a public beer garden in the Schützenhauspark. All Bocholt restaurateurs could participate in this in a kind of joint action, according to a press release. "In compliance with all specified hygiene and clearance regulations, individual tables could be offered on the large area of ​​the park, which can be managed accordingly. If […]