New day care centers and 140 residential units are being built on the Fischerweg

The excavators have rolled onto the former sports field of DJK 97 Bocholt on Fischerweg. On the one hand, a new kindergarten is being built, but right next door there is also a total of 74.223 square meters of construction area. Up to 140 residential units on 70 properties are to be built there. The groundbreaking ceremony was today. The daycare center “Wildwiese”, which is located on the […]

“Schandfleck” on the north wall can be built on

by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Now it should finally start: Almost three years after the start of construction was announced, the “Schandlfleck” on the north wall is to be built on. This has now been announced in the district district center. The city has updated the plans again at the request of the builder and due to changes in the law. Accordingly, [...]

Stayed in the strange hallway

Bocholt (ots) - With a cell instead of a hallway, a Bocholter had to make do with sleeping in on Tuesday. The 26-year-old, known to the police, had previously chosen the wrong place for a night's sleep: the man had slept in the hallway of an apartment building. The Bocholt reacted aggressively to the appearance of police officers; he also appeared under the influence of […]

Cyclists collide - 6-year-old boy slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - A six-year-old child suffered minor injuries in an accident on Tuesday in Bocholt. At around 13.50:47 p.m. the boy was on his bike on a bike and footpath coming from Claudiusweg. At the confluence with the street “Am Lönsstadion” there was a collision with a XNUMX-year-old cyclist who […]

Drunk on alcohol

Bocholt (ots) - An intoxicated driver drove his car through Bocholt on Tuesday. Police officers had checked the man when he was driving on Ludwig-Erhard-Strasse in the afternoon. One test indicated a blood alcohol level of approximately 1 per mille, another test was positive for drug use. The officials prohibited the 53-year-old from continuing and produced a […]

City party gears up for local elections

The city party has found a new date for its annual general meeting. It will take place on Friday, June 5th, at 19 p.m. in the Filetgran Bocholt restaurant, Casinowall 19. The focus is on the election of the candidates and the preparation of the reserve list for the local election.

NABU complains of clear cuts in numerous gardens

Because of the short-time work and other side effects of the corona crisis, many people have more free time. During this time, quite a few devote themselves to redesigning their gardens. In this context, members of the NABU have noticed real clear-cuts in the past few weeks in Bocholt and other cities in the district of Borken. Old trees and shrubs are […]