Hübers and Wiegel as the twin leaders of the city party

BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER Dieter Hübers and the former SPD parliamentary group leader, Peter Wiegel, are running the municipal election campaign as dual leaders - Hübers as number one on the reserve list, Wiegel as a candidate for mayor. That was decided by the annual general meeting with a large majority. Wiegel received 28 of 30 valid votes. At the beginning, interim chairman Dieter Hübers had the candidates […]

Tips and inspiration in the current holiday catalog of the Münsterland eV

MÜNSTERLAND. Whether on a hike from farm to farm or with a carriage through the Münsterland park landscape: For horse lovers and those who want to become one, the Münsterland has a lot to offer. In keeping with the coming summer holidays, the regional management organization Münsterland eV has 52 pages in the “Riding and Horse Vacation” catalog with numerous tips for riding routes and […]

enablingcamp discusses innovation and digitization in the middle class

MÜNSTERLAND. An open conference that is developed and designed by the participants themselves - and all of this online? Works! The enabling camp Münsterland proved this on Friday. Around 60 interested parties met online on the subject of “Innovation and digitization in medium-sized companies” and devoted themselves to different facets of this topic in 14 sessions and various virtual […]

Borken declaration on the situation of the hotel and catering trade in the district

District Administrator Dr. Together with local restaurateurs, Kai Zwicker launched the “Borken Declaration on the Situation of the Hotel Industry and Gastronomy in the Borken District”. Representatives of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) came to the Borkener Kreishaus to discuss the current situation with the district administrator and to seek support. The signatories […]

New plans for Fildeken-Rosenberg

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, the second public participation event will take place as part of the Fildeken-Rosenberg realization competition. Interested Bocholters are invited to find out about the progress so far and the winning plans from 18 p.m. in the canteen of the comprehensive school and to contribute their own ideas. Because the number of participants is limited, a registration is […]

Exhibition on the new mobility concept

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, the project team of the integrated mobility concept invites Bocholt residents and other interested parties to find out more about the proposed measures in the mobility concept. From 10 a.m. to 14 p.m., the suggestions will be displayed on a large number of posters in the canteen on Benölkenplatz, and experts will be available to answer any questions. The visitors […]

IHK: Clear prospects instead of tax increases

The IHK Nord Westfalen advises the cities and municipalities in the Münsterland and in the Emscher-Lippe region not to try to compensate for the foreseeable tax losses by increasing the trade tax rates. "That would be counterproductive in every respect," said IHK President Dr. Benedikt Hüffer. This reduces the attractiveness of the location and undermines the government's efforts to secure the liquidity of the companies. Hüffer recalled […]

Half day care contributions in June and July

On Monday, June 8, 2020, the day care centers for children in NRW will also begin regular operations. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the municipalities have agreed to waive half of the regular parental contributions for day-care centers and day care for children in June and July. The contributions for the open all-day schools are in these […]

All-clear in the suspected PCB case at cable manufacturers in Rhede

Borken / Rhede district. After PCB finds were found in Ennepetal in the vicinity of an industrial company, the State Ministry for the Environment (MULNV) examined nationwide where there are companies that work with comparable input materials and in similar production processes. As of the current status, there are seven other silicone rubber processing companies that have been certified by the State Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection (LANUV) and […]

Door stops burglars

Bocholt (ots) - Burglars in Bocholt failed on Wednesday: The perpetrators had unsuccessfully tried to pry open a door and thus penetrate the living quarters of a house on Bärendorfstrasse. The deed took place between 16.30:18.00 p.m. and 20:1,75 p.m. Witnesses have observed two suspects: the two men were about XNUMX years old, about XNUMX […]

Burglars wanted to break into the house

Bocholt (ots) - Burglars in Bocholt failed on Thursday. The perpetrators had tried to break into a house on Nelkenweg. However, the strangers were unable to forcefully enter the house through a window. The crime is between 15.30:19.00 p.m. and 02871:2990 p.m. The police are asking for information to the Kripo on tel. (XNUMX) XNUMX.

Pedelec driver slightly injured

Bocholt (ots) - A turning car caught a pedelec driver in Bocholt on Thursday. The 73-year-old suffered minor injuries. The action had taken place around 17.10 p.m .: A 60-year-old driver had driven on the Vennweg and wanted to turn right onto Dingdener Straße. The Bocholt overlooked the pedelec with which the 73-year-old on the […]

Borken roundabout guard distributes school route booklet

Borken district. After the summer holidays, a new phase of life begins for 3.584 children: As first graders, they will go to primary schools in the district in the future. Many efforts are being made in the Borken district to make road traffic safer for everyone involved. In particular, the local actors involved in road safety work are concerned about the safety of children. The […]

Five Bocholters for the Borkener district meeting

Michael Boland, Michael Hösing, Theo Sanders, Silke Sommers and Christian Stevens: These are the names of the CDU district council candidates from Bocholt. At the representative assembly of the CDU district of Borken last Wednesday in Ahaus, all five were officially nominated as direct candidates for the upcoming local elections. The CDU Westmünsterland chose District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker in first place […]