Bärbel Sauer also goes into the mayor race

Suddenly there were six: Bärbel Sauer also goes into the mayor race. The city councilor on the Social List was nominated unanimously by the members. At the same time, it was placed on the reserve list. She is also the top candidate for the election to the city council. Her husband Rainer Sauer is in second place.

Still no appointment for the Schützenhaus project group

Last March, the Main and Finance Committee commissioned Mayor Peter Nebelo to set up a shooting club project group. In addition to representatives of the city and politics, experts as well as representatives of the community foundation, the St. Georgius shooting club and city marketing should sit in the and explore the options of a large event hall. Almost three months later, […]

Elisabeth Kroesen is a top candidate of the Bocholt CDU

The deputy mayor Elisabeth Kroesen is the top candidate of the Bocholt CDU for the local election on September 13. They were voted by the party delegate assembly with a large majority on the reserve list. Group leader Burkhard Weber came second. Third is the deputy local association and parliamentary group leader, Junge Union boss Lukas Behrendt. Once again as a candidate for mayor […]

“Summer house of the stars” from RTL, according to Venhorst, good advertisement for Barlo

RTL's “Summer House of Stars” made it into local politics. District Administrator Dr. During the CDU delegate meeting, Kai Zwicker reported today a request from the Bild newspaper whether the program planned for the program in Barlo would meet the required corona hygiene standards. "Yes," answered the head of the district administration. The production company has a very good, seven-sided concept […]

Burkhard Henneken is a top candidate of the FDP

The group leader Burkhard Henneken is also the FDP's top candidate for the 2020 local elections. Sebastian Brinkmann, the local chairman, takes second place. Third is the chief of the young liberals, Kevin Eising. This was decided this morning by the general assembly in the Holtwicker Saal. At the beginning, the candidate for mayor Thomas Kerkhoff, who was supported by the Liberals, spoke a few words of greeting. He could […]

RTL: Bocholt is the new “celebrity hotspot”

The TV station RTL has now described the city of Bocholt as a new “celebrity hotspot”. The reason is the planned shooting for the program "The Summer House of the Stars" in Barlo. As reported, the Bild newspaper writes that some residents are resisting the hype. RTL then sent reporter Laurien Weinbrenner to Westmünsterland. The placed from the market place in the […]

Roof structure of a row house burns to the full extent

Around 20.20:XNUMX p.m., the Suderwick fire truck, the full-time guard of the Bocholt fire brigade and the Brandweer Dinxperlo were called yesterday for an apartment fire in Wiggerstrasse in Suderwick. When the first units arrived, the roof structure of a three-part row house burned to its full extent. The part where the fire probably started is currently being renovated. The residents of the […]