Because of Corona: City marketing and business development receive an additional 450.000 euros

By BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER, the council unanimously increased the institutional funding of the business development and city marketing society by up to 450.000 euros for 2020. Mayor Peter Nebelo had previously explained that the money was urgently and quickly necessary due to the loss of income caused by the corona crisis . The FDP then withdrew its request that the money be split into two […]

From today there are tickets in the StadtBus again

Since Friday, March 13.03.2020th, XNUMX, the entry into the city and taxi buses in Bocholt was only possible at the second door in the bus due to the then very dynamic spread of the Corona Virus - the area for the drivers was spacious around the Driver's space blocked off for the passengers, so that unfortunately tickets could no longer be bought from the driver. […]

Bags full of “word fun”

Bocholt (PID). For many children who have been at home because of the corona pandemic in the past few weeks and are now looking for new exciting activities, the children's and youth literature center "jugendstil nrw" in North Rhine-Westphalia is giving away 500 so-called "word amusement bags" with picture stories, that stimulate children's imaginations. The youth welfare office in Bocholt is now distributing 50 “word amusement bags” to children […]

Pedelec rider seriously injured in collision

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec rider sustained serious injuries in an accident in Bocholt-Biemenhorst on Wednesday. The Bocholt driver drove the street “Auf dem Dannenkamp” in the direction of Sonnenscheinstrasse at 08.25:48 am. When the 71-year-old entered the intersection with Mittelheggenstrasse, a driver approached from the right from the restricted traffic area. The XNUMX-year-old Bocholter overlooked […]

Hemdener Weg becomes a one-way street

Bocholt (PID). Work on the new gymnasium at the St.-Josef-Gymnasium will begin on Monday, June 29, 2020. That is why the Hemdener Weg in the area of ​​the gymnasium will probably be blocked on one side until July 22, 2022. During this time, the Hemdener Weg between Freiheitsstrasse and Friedenstrasse becomes a one-way street, passage is only possible from north to south. […]

VHS offers watercolor painting courses during the holidays - everyone can paint

True to the motto “postponed is not canceled”, a watercolor painting course is offered during the holidays. It will be great if you can paint together again! The course location should invite you to participate in summer temperatures. The bird house kindly offered to have the course take place in the garden and, in bad weather, in the guest room. In the course […]

Orbis reports back

After a long corona break, ORBIS is back for you. We want to continue to report on events, events and intercultural topics at regular intervals. You are also welcome to write articles and stories yourself and send them to our email address. Even better: come to our * ”intercultural workshop” *. We meet every Monday from 17.30pm to 19.00pm in the building of […]

City party wants changed Nordring

The city party Bocholt has submitted an application for today's council meeting with the aim of examining a new route. Dieter Hübers (Chairman of the parliamentary group) says: “We always spoke in favor of the Nordring. But we also note that the Bocholt citizens want to preserve the naturally grown Nordpark and concepts that decades ago […]

Think tank "Environmentally neutral materials of the future" discusses sustainable use of plastics

Plastics are an all-rounder. But how can you deal with the versatile material without harming the environment or health? The think tank “Environmentally neutral materials of the future” is concerned with this topic within the joint project Enabling Networks Münsterland. Today the twelve members met for the first time in the M44 Meeting Center in Münster. With distance […]

Comment: Cowardice before popular opinion

A comment by BERTHOLD BLESENKEMPER The Made-in-Bocholt survey on the renovation of the town hall has obviously made politicians think. 94 percent of the more than 2500 participants spoke out on Facebook against pumping millions more into the dilapidated building. Promptly, voices are heard after a citizen survey, with the support of CDU mayor candidate Thomas Kerkhoff. Wait a minute? Were […]