Why look into the distance….

Bocholt / Winterswijk. (Rü) In times of Corona and when it comes to the question of how safe my vacation country is, more and more Bocholters come to the conclusion: Why go far, when the good is so close. According to this quotation from Goethe, the local recreation area of ​​Meddo near Winterswijk, for example, attracts almost 30 km away. A nearly 3 km […]

Gold acts like an airbag for every fortune

- Sponsored Post - Financial expert Olaf Däcke is convinced: “Gold is money. And especially in crises, the precious metal works like an airbag for every asset. ”The boss of Bocholter EVB-Vertriebs KG is currently registering a real run for gold. Reason: The corona crisis and the resulting economic uncertainties make investors nervous. The more in demand is […]

Defibrillator installed in front of the Tourist Info in Bocholt

Bocholt. On Thursday, July 30, 2020, Nordstr. 14 A publicly accessible defibrillator was installed in front of the Tourist Info in Bocholt. This means that a “defi” can be accessed in the city center around the clock in an emergency, for example, if a cardiological emergency occurs in the city streets of downtown Bocholt. The operation of the device […]

Weir Eisenhütte - fish pass is renewed

Bocholt (PID). The optimization work on the fish pass at the Eisenhütte dam starts on Monday, March 3.8.2020, 24. As is known, the flow rate should be reduced there. "We started a test run on July XNUMX," reports Mohamed Mislemani from the Civil Engineering, Traffic, Urban Green and Environment Department of the City of Bocholt. The test run is now complete. As part of the optimization work, the channel […]

Second sleep led to serious accident on the B 67

An 80-year-old driver from Warendorf caused a serious traffic accident on Thursday morning at 67:09.35 am on the B XNUMX at the “Rhede” exit. Coming from the direction of Bocholt, he was heading towards Borken and, according to his own information, fell asleep at the wheel. This led him to the opposite lane, where it collided with the car […]

Burglary in the Ludgerus School

Bocholt (ots) - Between Wednesday, 07.30:08.05 a.m. and Thursday, XNUMX:XNUMX a.m., unknown perpetrators tried unsuccessfully to pry open several doors of the main building of the Ludgerus School on Kurfürstenstrasse. However, they managed to pry open the door to an annex - but the perpetrator (s) only got into one hallway. Nothing was stolen. The […]

Pedelec stolen

Bocholt (ots) - A women's pedelec Gazelle Arroyo worth around 2.500 euros was stolen on Wednesday in Bocholt's city center. The injured had parked the bike at 14.45:16.50 p.m. on the bike stand on the Aa footpath in front of the shopping arcades and connected it to the bike stand with an additional lock. When she returned around XNUMX:XNUMX pm, she had to steal the […]

Escaped from the police on a tuned scooter

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday evening, around 22.35:60 p.m., police officers in Suderwick became aware of a scooter with two people on which the license plates had been folded down to prevent reading. The officials wanted to stop the driver - but disregarded the stop signs and fled at a speed of 80 - XNUMX km / h over local […]

Illegal work: When cheap becomes expensive in the end

5f23d0f9c875e 5f23d0fa007b5 When cheap becomes expensive in the end: undeclared work, illegal employment and wage cheating in the construction industry have caused enormous damage in the region. This is reported by the IG BAU trade union and relies on a current evaluation by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Afterwards, officials from the main customs office in Münster, which is also responsible for the Borken district, checked […]

Hendrik Siemen celebrates 25 years of service

Bocholt (PID). Hendrik Siemen celebrates his 3th anniversary with the city of Bocholt on Monday, August 2020, 25. Siemen works in road maintenance at the Bocholt waste disposal and service company (ESB). In the course of his service, he carried out repair work on almost all streets in Bocholt, according to the ESB. Due to his training as a road keeper and his diverse knowledge, he takes on […]

Drunk driver overlooks roadblock

Bocholt (ots) - Due to the serious traffic accident in the Liedern area, police officers blocked the Liederner Höfgraben on Thursday at the level of the Schlackenweg. At around 18.00:41 p.m., a driver drove towards the barrier and did not seem to notice it. The officials drew attention to themselves with horns and luckily the XNUMX-year-old driver from Dinxperlo / NL arrived in time […]

City collects monetary claims with the help of valve guards

In the city administration's receivables management division, monetary claims - such as fees or taxes - are enforced. This also leads to garnishments if the debtors do not pay after repeated requests. So-called valve guards are used on a seized car. If the car is moved without permission, the air automatically escapes from the tire. So that […]

80-year-old pedelic rider dies from serious head injuries after an accident

Bocholt (ots) - Today at 14.59:80 p.m. a serious traffic accident occurred in Bocholt, Liederner Höfgraben, corner of Liederner Ringstraße. An 81-year-old from Bocholt and her XNUMX-year-old husband each cycled the cycle path at Liederner Höfgraben in the direction of Liederner Ringstrasse with a pedelec in order to cross the Liederner Ringstrasse straight ahead. There the Bocholt woman collided with […]

Action “CITY CYCLING” goes into the next round

Bocholt (PID). The “CITY CYCLING” campaign is taking place again in Bocholt despite the corona pandemic and the preparatory work is in full swing in the urban environmental department. Some of the planned events will not be able to take place due to the corona pandemic, but there will be new, innovative formats, promises environmental officer Angela Theurich. She calls on the Bocholters to [...]