English course for seniors

Bocholt. The association “Leben im Alter” in cooperation with the adult education center in Bocholt-Rhede-Isselburg offers an English course, which is aimed in particular at older citizens. The course consists of ten units of one and a half hours each and takes place every Thursday from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. in the QuartiersHaus Fildeken / Rosenberg (Saarstrasse). The start date is September 3, 2020. Participation costs [...]

Torsten Dekker is the new city fire department warden

The Bocholt fire brigade founded the first children's fire brigade in the Borken district on September 15.09.2017, XNUMX. Since then, the first city fire brigade warden has been Florian Enkrott from the Bocholt fire brigade, who now has to give up this position for professional reasons. Today Florian Enkrott was retired from this position by the head of the Bocholt fire brigade Thomas Deckers. Deckers expressly thanked Florian Enkrott for [...]

District administrator appeals: "Handle the resource water carefully!"

Borken district. Due to the long-lasting drought, the water levels in the second-order rivers Berkel, Bocholter Aa, Dinkel and Issel have dropped sharply. Low water or dry sections can already be observed in many places. At the same time, small streams and ditches are increasingly falling dry. Against this background, the district of Borken instructs the holders of extraction permits [...]

Fire protection not ready: comprehensive school is working on a temporary solution in the old building

Because the fire protection is apparently not yet ready, the new building of the comprehensive school cannot be moved into on time for the start of the school year. The work will not be completed until August 21. The school announces this on its homepage. The proposal that grades 9 and 10 as well as the upper grades continue to be housed in the containers until then has [...]

The “Borken district sees yellow” campaign will start shortly

Borken district. Around 3.500 children will start school in the Borken district this week. From Thursday, August 13th, many of the school beginners will also regularly take part in road traffic alone. For them, the way to school is primarily a space for learning and experience, because they are still inexperienced and must first learn how to behave properly in traffic. [...]

Car driver injured in a wildlife accident

Bocholt (ots) - A 22-year-old suffered minor injuries on Monday. The Bocholterin was driving her car on the federal highway 67 in the area of ​​Mussum in the direction of Borken when a deer stepped on the road around 23.45 p.m. The animal and the vehicle collided. The injured person was taken to a [...]

New Bocholt timetable booklet available now

The new Bocholter city timetable with the current timetables of all city and taxi buses, the regional buses (e.g. line S75 (Sprinterbus) to Münster or line 61 to Isselburg, Anholt, Rees) and the RE19a "Der Bocholter" (Bocholt railway line) is now available -Wesel) available free of charge in the StadtBusCenter at the bus meeting point (Europaplatz). It is valid from August 12.08.2020th, XNUMX and includes in particular the [...]

“Bocholt high out” is a mini fair in the city

Bocholt. “Bocholt high up” - with this new motto, an offer will be created in Bocholt City on the weekend of September 3rd - 6th that brings a bit of “different, new normality” to the still existing, unusual situation regarding Corona in Bocholt Downtown and for the people in Westmünsterland. It is well known that and [...]