Bocholt's Chinese twin city Wuxi hosts a youth exhibition

Bocholt (EUBOH). The Chinese city of Wuxi invites all children and young people from 4 to 12 years of age from Bocholt to create pictures for the 4th International Youth Exhibition there. The theme of the exhibition in Wuxi is "The beautiful life". Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the idea of ​​partnership. The description of how partnership was lived, made or [...]

Bocholt startup tomorrow in the federal final

The Bocholt start-up company Planbar 365 has made it to the finals of the federal competition Out of the box. Tomorrow, Wednesday 19 to 19 p.m., the three of them will present their project. This can be followed live on the Internet - at the following address

Four people in Bocholt still have Corona

40 people are currently infected in the district. Note: A total of 42 currently infected people were reported yesterday. There are currently four sick people in Bocholt. An analysis by the Borken District Health Office last Friday (August 28.08.2020, 30) showed that 55 of the 14 infected people reported on the day were returnees. XNUMX of them had previously stayed in Southeastern European countries, [...]

City history: The war memorial in Stenern

Bocholt (PID). When after the First World War public life in town and country was reshaped and the citizens came together again in clubs and associations, they became particularly aware of the human losses the war years had inflicted on them. Therefore it was soon considered appropriate to honor those who fell and missing in the war [...]

Lecture on "Psychology of Money"

Bocholt. Does consumption make you happy? How rational do we deal with money? These and other questions will be discussed in a lecture entitled “The Psychology of Money” on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. The speaker is Rudolph Steffen, organizer of the Bocholt association “Leben im Alter”. Steffen reports on interesting experiments from behavioral research and gives tips [...]

Students start their training at Kreis Borken

Borken district. A new phase of life is now beginning for ten young people: a “Bachelor of Science” and nine “Bachelor of Laws” students began their training in the Borken district administration on Tuesday (September 1st). Nine of them are already starting their dual studies for the “Bachelor of Laws” at the University of Police in Münster on Friday [...]

Number of unemployed "increased comparatively sharply" as is typical of the season

Borken district. The number of SGB II unemployed in the Borken district rose comparatively sharply in August, but this is largely due to the typical development during the summer holidays. District Administrator Dr. Kai Zwicker with. The “job center in the Borken district” shows 2020 employable beneficiaries who are registered as unemployed for the month of August 5.031. [...]

District administrator recommends: "Take part in the virtual Giro!"

Borken district. The cycling fans in Münsterland do not need to despair despite corona-related competition cancellations. Instead of the “Sparkasse Münsterland Giro”, which was postponed from October 3rd to next year, whose route from Enschede in particular through the northern part of the Borken district to Münster, there is now a hearty alternative. "This is the virtual 'Sparkassen Münsterland Giro 2020' [...]

Most mayoral candidates for new event hall

From the beginning it was and is the aim of the Bocholt Community Foundation to establish the traditional Bocholt Schützenhaus - supported by civic and voluntary work - not only as an event location, but above all as a central location in Bocholt for civic engagement. As part of the current mayoral election campaign, the Schützenhaus topic appears again and again. Around […]