Advice: N * word is ostracized

Bocholt. (Rü) The integration council's demand to officially outlaw the N * word (note from the editors: what is meant is the term “negro”) in the city of Bocholt, has been unanimously approved by the council. The administration acknowledges that any use of the “N * word” is racist. In addition, the Integration Council would like the use of the N * word in the city of Bocholt to combat [...]

Council meets

Bocholt. (Rü) For the penultimate time, the city council meets with the old cast. Topics include the use of the town hall, the digitization of the city administration and a cooperation agreement for the health camp.

Bocholt founder at "The Lion's Cave"

The Bocholt founders Sonja Wüpping and Jan Oostendorp will be at "Die Höhle der Löwen" on VOX on Monday, September 21.09 at 20:15 pm. They present FH2OCUS, their lemon water with caffeine. A PET bottle (600 ml) FH2OCUS has as much caffeine as a large cup of coffee - only FH2OCUS contains no sugar, no calories and [...]

Night of training

During the night of the training on November 5, 2020 from 17:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m., all companies on site have the opportunity to present themselves at their own location. Due to the many cancellations of career information events due to Corona, the business development agencies in the Borken district hope for a high level of participation by companies. The participating companies open to all [...]