Escaped parrot taken from tree

The desperate search of the shirt family for their escaped parrot lasted one day. Then she could receive the beloved bird again. A witness had spotted the macaw in a tree nearby. The Bocholt fire brigade helped with the rescue. The search for the bird was on social media for [...]

For the first time over 100 people infected with corona in Bocholt - incidence at 81,6

There are currently 509 people infected with the corona virus in the district. That is 58 more than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of those affected rose by ten to 103. The “7-day incidence”, i.e. the number of new infections reported per 100.000 inhabitants in the last 7 days, is currently 81,6 per 100.000 in the Borken district, according to calculations by the district health office [...]

Pickpockets steal from senior citizen

Bocholt (ots) - On Saturday, an 88-year-old Bocholt woman was in a clothing store (Ernsting's Family) when, according to the senior citizen, she was bumped into by two “foreigners”. Shortly afterwards, she found that the zipper of her bag had been opened and the purse had been stolen. According to the injured party, the alleged perpetrators are approx. 20 [...]

Pickpocketing in the supermarket

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday a 27-year-old Bocholt entered the Bocholt der real market on Welfenstrasse around 17.00 p.m. The revolving door stopped for a moment, probably because someone had run up too close. A little later, the Bocholter discovered that his wallet had been stolen. The situation described in the area of ​​the revolving door is assumed to be a presumed factual situation. [...]

Man becomes victim of a trick thief

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday, a 69-year-old from Bocholt was approached by a still unknown thief in front of the real market on Welfenstrasse and asked for change for the shopping cart. The helpful Bocholter followed suit and a short time later had to discover the loss of the bogus money from his wallet. The thief is described as follows: approx. [...]

Known police riot is noticed again

Bocholt (ots) - On Friday afternoon, a 37-year-old man from Bocholt begged in front of a supermarket on Dinxperloer Strasse. Due to his aggressive behavior, he was approached by two employees of the shop around 15.20:XNUMX p.m. and sent off. The rioter, who was known to the police, reacted with massive insults and also spat at one of the employees. Then he removed [...]