AfD advocates lowering property taxes in Bocholt

In the context of budget consultations, the AfD calls for property taxes in Bocholt to be reduced to the level of 2016. “The average tax rate for property tax B is 365 percent across Germany. This shows that Bocholt is currently levying very high property taxes and ultimately pushing the problem of expensive rents, ”said the [...]

Information event on the West and North Ring is canceled

Bocholt (PID). The information event on the subject of “Westring / Nordring planning” (land use plan between Dinxperloer Strasse and Hemdener Weg), which was actually planned for December 3rd, is canceled. In order to contain the corona pandemic, no meetings are currently allowed. The date, which is offered to the public in addition to the legally stipulated early information, will be made up for and publicly announced by the city administration in good time. Independently of […]

St. Agnes Hospital allows patients to be visited again

Due to the slowly decreasing number of new infections in the Borken district, the Westmünsterland Clinic has decided to allow restricted visits to the hospitals again and to lift the general ban on visits. This applies to the hospital locations Ahaus, Bocholt, Rhede, Stadtlohn and Vreden from Wednesday, December 2nd. In St. Marien-Hospital Borken, limited visits are allowed from Monday, [...]

WITH VIDEO: Order food locally online thanks to Gastromio

Don't feel like cooking tonight? From today, an online portal from Coronahilfe Bocholt will show where there is something to eat, which restaurateur in Bocholt is currently offering what and when it can be delivered or picked up. And that also in lockdown. New: With a click of the mouse or your thumb you can not only select, but also order immediately [...]

Opel Adam stolen

Bocholt (ots) - In the time from Saturday, 12.00 p.m. to Monday, 08.00 a.m., an unlocked black Opel Adam car was stolen from an unlocked garage on Nordstrasse. The value of the car with the BOR license plate is given as around 7.000 euros. The police are looking for witnesses. Please send information to the Kripo in Bocholt (02871) 2990.

Jule Wanders celebrates 25 years of service

Bocholt (PID). Jule Wanders is now celebrating her 25th anniversary with the Bocholt city administration. The 49-year-old qualified pedagogue took over as deputy director of the music school in 2001. Since 2016 she has headed the city's department of culture and education. “Jule Wanders stands for energy, friendliness, happiness, creativity and zest for action”, praises the city administration. "A designer with a lot of positive energy." [...]

Tips: Get through the corona crisis mentally fit

Borken district. The coronavirus has changed people's everyday lives in Germany, almost all over the world. The consequences of the pandemic are severely restricting normal life in many places: contact restrictions, closings of cafes and restaurants, sports and cultural venues, travel restrictions, and the renouncement of celebrations and parties, for example. Many people feel the effects on their [...]

Pedelec stolen from basement

Bocholt (ots) - A pedelec (brand: Alu Bike) valued at approx. 400 euros and groceries valued at approx. 10 euros were stolen by an as yet unknown perpetrator from the communal cellar of an apartment building on Friesenstrasse. Presumably the perpetrator had pried open the front door and got into the house. The period of the offense lies between Tuesday, 14 [...]

Made in Bocholt tightened commentary rules

Dear Made in Bocholt users, Recently, comments have been increasing in which there is speculation about the causes of accidents or previous illnesses of victims on news of death. "He was definitely traveling too fast" or "She had asthma and certainly never died of Corona," it says there. I have in high regard for freedom of expression [...]

More than twice too fast on the Barloer Ringstrasse

158 instead of the permitted 100 km / h - that has consequences for a speed offender that the traffic service measured out of town on the B67 in Borken last week. Further negative "peak values": 68 instead of the permissible 30 km / h in Bocholt on the Barloer Ringstraße and 78 instead of 50 km / h in town on the Wessumer Straße in Ahaus. [...]

#Youngstarts Digi Meet on corporate succession

Implementation and design, leading employees, taking responsibility, having visions: for Melanie Baum this is part of being an entrepreneur. It was not only she who made a virtual appearance in front of around 70 participants at the #Youngstarts Corporate Succession Digi Meet on Thursday. In addition, other exciting personalities spoke and discussed how a corporate succession works - and of course also about how to [...]

Guard training with a new multi-purpose boat

On Saturday, the fire brigade in Bocholt practiced with the new multi-purpose boat on the Bocholt Aasee. The knowledge previously acquired as part of the “dry” training at the fire and rescue station could thus be deepened in practice on the water. In general, guard training is an important and everyday part of the 24-hour service of all full-time emergency services of the [...]

Bishop re-opens Joseph Church

Despite the crises in the church and the corona pandemic, not to give up, but to dare a new departure, encouraged Münster's Bishop Dr. Felix Genn the faithful of the parish of St. Josef. The bishop came to Bocholt on November 29th to reopen the Joseph Church in a festive service after almost ten months of renovation and refurbishment. Liturgical [...]