Amateur sports prohibited - school sports allowed

Bocholt (PID). From today, stricter measures to contain the corona pandemic will apply nationwide. Gyms and sports halls will also be closed in Bocholt up to and including November 30, 2020. Only school sports are excluded from the block. Urban sports and football fields are also closed. This is communicated by the Youth, Family, School and Sport Department. These measures are based on the [...]

Lots of bikes and animals at the lost property office

Bocholt (PID). In October, many bicycles were reported to the Bocholt Citizens' Office as found. These include eight women's bikes, two men's bikes, two children's bikes, a mountain bike and an e-bike. There are also many personal items on the city's list of finds, including cell phones and bags. Many animals were also found: a dog, three birds, a cat, [...]

Corona: The seven-day incidence is currently 136,3

882 people are currently infected in the district. That is 37 more than yesterday. 15 more infected people were registered in Bocholt. This affects 242 people in the city. The “7-day incidence” is currently 136,3 per 100.000 inhabitants. On the situation in the hospitals in the district that treat COVID-19 patients, the district today (02.11.2020) has the following information [...]

Strangers set the garbage can on fire

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday evening, the Bocholt fire brigade had to extinguish a burning garbage can around 20.20:500 p.m. on the school grounds of the Norbertschule on Paul-Schneider-Weg. This resulted in property damage of around 02871 euros. Please send information to the Kripo in Bocholt (2990-XNUMX).

Test certificate is not sufficient

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday night, a 27-year-old motor scooter driver was noticed during a speed measurement on Industriestraße at a speed of 41 km / h. The Bocholter is only in possession of a moped test certificate and thus committed a criminal offense (driving without a driver's license). Continuing the journey was prohibited and criminal proceedings were initiated.

24 year old seriously injured in traffic accident

Bocholt (ots) - On Sunday there was a traffic accident between two vehicles involved on Blücherstraße near Seydlitzstraße. At 14.50:48 p.m. a 24-year-old woman from Bocholt drove her car on Seydlitzstraße in the direction of Blücherstraße and intended to turn left onto Blücherstraße. Here she overlooked a XNUMX-year-old girl from Bocholt who was driving the [...]

Burned bicycle

Bocholt (ots) - Unknown perpetrators left a melted bicycle saddle in Bocholt on Saturday: The perpetrators set fire to a parked two-wheeler. The event took place around 18.45 p.m. in front of a school building on Paul-Schneider-Weg. The police asks for information to the criminal investigation department in Bocholt on Tel. (02871) 2990.

Bocholter flown to the hospital seriously injured

On Saturday, October 31.10.20, 11, around 30:71 a.m., a serious traffic accident occurred at the intersection of Schledenhorster Strasse / Schledenhorst in Rees. A XNUMX-year-old driver from Bocholt drove a Honda car on Schledenhorster Strasse in the direction of Hamminkeln. For an unexplained cause, the vehicle turned left off the road and hit a tree. Subsequently […]