Isselburger Strasse closed from Monday

Bocholt (PID). Work on Werther Strasse is progressing. Now Isselburger Strasse will be closed from Monday, November 9, 2020 until probably Friday, November 13, 2020, in the confluence area of ​​Werther Strasse. The current one-way street regulation on Werther Straße remains in place. To block Isselburger Strasse, a detour via Lowicker Strasse, Weidenstrasse [...]

CityBus GmbH timetable extensions and special services

The “winter timetable” of StadtBus Bocholt GmbH has been in effect since Monday, October 26.10.2020th, 20. The timetable has been expanded from Monday to Friday in the evenings on all lines by one trip in and out of town until 1 p.m. and continues to apply despite the current "Corona restrictions" in public life. The detailed rules are as follows: • City bus routes CXNUMX to [...]

Seminar series “Woman and Work” offers online courses

Bocholt (PID). Due to the corona pandemic, the municipal equal opportunities officers in the Borken district canceled the face-to-face events of the “Woman and Work” seminar series. But the seminars are not completely paused: the city's gender equality officer Astrid Schupp points out that some events are offered digitally. "Online seminars also offer the opportunity to get in touch with the speakers and the other participants [...]

Third international “Dinxperwicker” crib tour planned

Bocholt (EUBOH). From Friday, December 4th to Sunday, December 20th, 2020 (2nd to 4th Advent), the 3rd International Nativity Scene Tour will take place in Suderwick (City of Bocholt, Germany) and Dinxperlo (Gemeente Aalten, Netherlands). The Suderwickerin Rosi Tuente is planning the 3rd edition with the support of the Department of Culture and Education of the City of Bocholt. For this campaign she is still looking for [...]

Caught at the wheel with 2,4 alcohol

Bocholt (ots) - On Thursday morning, a witness noticed the alcoholism of a car driver who bought two bottles of grain at a gas station on the street “An der Königsmühle”. The witness informed the police, who were able to control the man shortly afterwards. An alcohol test carried out during the control confirmed the suspicion of the witness - the 51-year-old driver from [...]

Certificate "family-friendly university"

The Westphalian University passed the test as a "family-friendly university". In doing so, it wants to further distinguish itself as an attractive place to study and work and to make it more visible that it lives a university culture in which the topic of family is firmly anchored and in which students and employees can rely on the university responding to family needs, especially at [...]

Two more deaths related to corona

Borken district. The total number of confirmed infections with the coronavirus in the Borken district is today (05.11.2020) at 2.754. 1.710 of these have now recovered. There are two other deaths related to coronavirus infection. An 89-year-old man from Rhede and an 82-year-old man from Isselburg died. There are now 52 deaths since the beginning [...]

Ridden a bike drunk

Bocholt (ots) - A 35-year-old cyclist was on the road in Bocholt on Thursday night, alcoholized but without lighting. Police officers checked him around 23.00 p.m. when the Bocholter was driving on Dinxperloer Strasse. A breath alcohol test indicated a blood alcohol concentration of around 1,8 per mille. A doctor took a blood sample from the cyclist in the police station in Bocholt [...]

Purse stolen from handbag

Bocholt (ots) - A pickpocket stole a 68-year-old Bocholt's wallet on Wednesday. At about 14.20:XNUMX p.m., she was a customer in a supermarket on Liebfrauenplatz when the crime occurred. The perpetrator stole the wallet and cash from the handbag, which the Bocholter woman kept for a short time in front of a shelf on the [...]

Driving without a license

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday night, a 50-year-old motor scooter driver was noticed during a speed measurement on Industriestraße at a speed of 43 km / h. Since the Bocholter was not in possession of a corresponding driving license, he was forbidden to continue driving and criminal proceedings were initiated.

Cyclists collide

Bocholt (ots) - Two cyclists suffered minor injuries in a collision on Wednesday. A 29-year-old from Bocholt rode his bicycle on the Alfred-Flender-Strasse cycle path in the direction of the city in an illegal direction. A 63-year-old pedelec rider from Bocholt met him. The cyclists collided at the junction with Feldstrasse. Rescue workers took the 63-year-old to a hospital. At […]

Puppet show “Big, Little Giant” postponed to 2021

(BOHPID). The last planned puppet show “Big, Little Giant” will be postponed until next year due to corona. The Mapili Theater will present the play on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 15 p.m. in the Kinodrom. The tickets already purchased remain valid. Additional tickets are available for the 2021 event. A refund of the admission tickets is [...]

Property damage from graffiti

Bocholt (ots) - From Wednesday, 16 p.m. to Thursday, 00:07 a.m., unknown perpetrators smeared several places in a school on Paul-Schneider-Weg with golden spray paint. The criminal investigation department in Bocholt has started the investigation and is looking for witnesses (45-02871).

Avian influenza: Kreis warns of introduction by wild birds

Avian influenza is on the rise: In the Dutch province of Gelderland, there was an outbreak of the highly pathogenic influenza A subtype H60N5 on a chicken farm near Nijmegen (approx. 8 kilometers from the Borken district). In addition, avian influenza has been found in several dead wild birds on the North and Baltic Sea coasts. The Friedrich Löffler Institute, the Federal Institute for [...]