WITH VIDEO: Commemoration of November 9, 1938: "We must not forget the cruel deeds!"

Tonight, on November 9th, 2020, Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff and First City Councilor Thomas Waschki laid a wreath in a small circle at the memorial of the former Jewish synagogue in Bocholt. Due to the corona pandemic, the event has to be canceled to quietly commemorate the crimes of the pogrom night in Bocholt. Thomas Kerkhoff and Thomas Waschki remember in a video message [...]

Nuclear repository in Bocholt - Mayor Kerkhoff advises calmness

  Suitable locations for nuclear repositories are currently being sought across Germany. In principle, 90 regions would be eligible for this, as the report published at the end of September showed from the panel discussion which, as reported, took place in the auditorium of the St. Josef Gymnasium. According to Kerkhoff, 70 percent of the country's area is suitable. Taking into account the overlapping of the areas, according to the report, [...]

Social list for avoiding additional shopping Sundays

In an inquiry to Mayor Thomas Kerkhoff, Councilor Bärbel Sauer wants to know in the council meeting on Wednesday (November 11th) how the administrative board is on the additional Sunday shopping. And: Whether the administration is thinking of exerting influence so that these additional Sunday shops do not take place. The background is a regulation of the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, which [...]

High national award for Suderwick clubs

"Your association is committed to a citizen-oriented, lively and sustainable Europe!" With these words, European Minister Dr. Stephan Holthoff-Pförtner and the local minister Ina Scharrenbach of the citizens' initiative Dinxperwick eV and the Heimatverein Suderwick on the latest honor. The cross-border project community receives the award "European active civil society in NRW". She is one of two award winners who have received this high [...]

320 Bocholter infected with the corona virus

Currently 1.096 people in the district are infected with the corona virus. That is 23 more than yesterday. 320 people are affected in Bocholt, seven more than on Sunday. The “7-day incidence” in the district is currently 132,2 per 100.000 inhabitants. On the situation in the hospitals in the district that treat COVID-19 patients, we have the following information from the [...]

A stranger spies out data with a lousy scam

Bocholt (ots) - With a lousy scam, a stranger gained access to the data in a Bocholt woman's computer on Saturday. He called around 10.00:73 a.m. pretending to be a Microsoft employee. The caller claimed that there was malware on the XNUMX-year-old Bocholter's computer. This then opened him [...]

Theft from company cars

Bocholt (ots) - On Monday night, thieves got into the interior of a parked Peugeot Boxer on Schüttensteiner Weg. The perpetrators pried open a side window and stole a rotating laser, a radio, a battery and a storage device. The time of the offense is between Sunday, 22.00:04.00 p.m. and Monday, XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. The police asks for information to the [...]

The "Training checker" campaign inspires schoolchildren and parents for apprenticeships

Münsterland. The son disappears into the workshop for hours? Your daughter prefers to be on the construction site? The best prerequisite for an apprenticeship! In order to get even more schoolchildren excited about this particular educational path, the Münsterland regional agency, together with the NRW training consensus, has started the “training checker” campaign. This is not only aimed at young people, but [...]

18-year-old dies in an accident in Barlo

On Sunday, November 08.11.2020th, 23, at around 40:18 p.m., an 18-year-old car driver from Bocholt drove on Winterswijker Straße from Barlo in the direction of Bocholt. For an unexplained cause, the XNUMX-year-old from Bocholt came off the road to the left shortly after the intersection of Winterswijker Straße / Schlossallee and hit a tree head-on. Rescue workers recovered him from the car [...]

Suspected ATM sprinklers crash while trying to escape

Isselburg / Rees (ots) - Police forces arrested three suspected ATM sprinklers in the border area of ​​Isselburg / Rees municipality on Monday. This ended an escape that the suspects, according to initial findings, had taken after a failed crime in Rees. There they had unsuccessfully called at the ATM of a bank branch on the street “Vor dem Delltor” at around 01.45:XNUMX am [...]