WITH COMMENT: Town hall in need of renovation according to the city "building culture significant"

According to the administration, the town hall on Berliner Platz is "significant from a building culture perspective, as it reflects many of society's ideas about administration and politics from the 1970s". Reason enough for the city to apply for funding from the federal program “National Urban Development Projects” to finance the multi-million dollar renovation. A corresponding resolution should [...]

First European “Scouts online” meeting

Scouts online: On Saturday, December 19, 2020, scouts and young people from Bocholt, the Belgian twin city Bocholt and individual cities from the Netherlands will meet for an online game evening. In teams of two, the young people solve various tasks and small games together with other young Europeans. Young people between 14 and 20 years can take part. Registration is until [...]

Plans for a new fire station behind the hospital are taking shape

Ten years after the construction of the new fire and rescue station on Dingdener Strasse, it is getting too tight there. Therefore an additional, small guard has to be built in the north of the city. Originally the one across from the hospital was planned. But now the city and the hospital board of trustees prefer a small green space behind the hospital between the helipad and the Stenerner [...]

NABU: Constant lowering of the Aa endangers the river

The "Sunken Bridge" is taking shape. The concrete tub in the Aa river bed under the bridge at Theodor-Heuss-Ring is as good as finished. As is well known, a footpath and a cycle path in the direction of the KuBAaI site are to be created in it. Meanwhile, the nature conservation association blames this work for the poor condition of the Aa. As Michael Kempkes from [...]

Flashed at 150 km / h on the B67

The speedster of the week comes from Bocholt. He was flashed on the B67 at 150 km / h. Only 100 km / h are allowed there. The police carried out speed controls at a total of 15 measuring points in the district and, when checking the 11.072 vehicles, found that five percent were driving too fast. Two vehicles exceeded the permitted maximum speed [...]

One perpetrator distracts, the other steals a debit card

Bocholt (ots) - With a diversionary maneuver, thieves took a woman's debit card in Bocholt on Tuesday. The 62-year-old had just parked her bike in front of a bank branch on the Ostmauer street when a man spoke to her. The stranger asked the woman from Bocholt several times for change, although she refused his request. In this situation, [...]

Withdrawn money with a stolen bank card

Bocholt (ots) - Pickpockets stole a 56-year-old's debit card in Bocholt on Wednesday. They succeeded in withdrawing money from the Bocholter's account. He was in a supermarket on Roonstrasse at around 13.00 p.m. The man paid at the cash register with his debit card, put it back in his wallet and put it [...]

Additional infection consultation hours in the Borken district

Borken district. Especially in the autumn and winter months, the waiting rooms of the resident doctors get noticeably full. In addition to the nationwide care of Infekt patients on working days, selected medical practices will now offer additional Infekt consultation hours on Saturdays. From 9 a.m. to 13 p.m., patients with upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, runny nose, [...]

This is how corporate succession works - and not like this ...

MÜNSTERLAND. Listening, having a say, networking, asking questions: The joint start-up project #Youngstarts Münsterland invites you to an online live event on November 26th (Wednesday) from 18 p.m. Interested parties can take part in short presentations at the #Youngstarts Corporate Succession Digi Meet and get to know successors from the region. Everything online, but no less exciting. The program is varied: To start with, tax advisor Santina John, [...]

Two Bocholters died in connection with coronavirus infection

There are four other deaths related to coronavirus infection. An 82-year-old and an 83-year-old Bocholter as well as an 80-year-old Isselburger and an 83-year-old Vredenerin died. This means that 61 deaths have been recorded since the start of the corona pandemic. 1233 people across the region are sick, 55 more than yesterday. In Bocholt, the number of infected people increases by 12 [...]

1,9 million euros state funding for a new connecting road in Stenern

Bocholt (PID). "One likes to receive this kind of mail", says Bocholt's mayor Thomas Kerkhoff happily, holding a funding decision from the State Ministry of Transport in Düsseldorf. The state is funding the relocation of the Barloers Weg in Bocholt-Stenern with around 1,94 million euros. Overall, the construction of the road costs approx. 4 million euros. In the Stenern district, near the hospital, […]

Cyclists hit when turning

Bocholt (ots) - A cyclist suffered minor injuries in an accident on Friday morning in Bocholt. A 50-year-old driver was coming from Schwanenstrasse at around 05.45 on the Blumenstrasse. When the Bocholter wanted to turn right into Kurfürstenstrasse, he collided with a 23-year-old cyclist. The Bocholter was on the privileged Kurfürstenstraße [...]